To reconnect its glorious past with an unceratin present, Hurricane comes with a release that shows it's possible.
November 18, 2023

When a known musician or some relatives of known musicians get along to form a new band or project, many expectations arises. But what can the fans expect from such acts? Two answers are enough: a total loss of time or something amazing. Imagine a band with guys that are famous for being linked to acts as QUIET RIOT, YES, FOREIGNER, LINCH MOB, THE DEAD DAISIES, WHITESNAKE and others. This band has a name: HURRICANE, a band of the 80s that is here for another round with their new album, “Reconnected”. It’s not hard to link the band to Glam Metal, Hard Rock or any other genre like these ones, because the same energy and vibe from the 80s, when the quartet was born (the band was formed on 1983).

It’s the same genre, obviously tempered by experience of the band’s members, but it keeps the same elegant and hooking appeal, the melodically bombastic set of hooking melodies and choruses. But obviously it’s not an AOR album, so expect some weighty parts as well. “Reconnected” was produced by Robert Sarzo (the band’s guitarist and younger brother of Rudy Sarzo), with Khalil Turk working as co-producer, with mixing done by Fredrik Folkare and sound engineering of Andy Zuckerman. The main idea was to ‘reconnect’ the past and the present, creating a sonority that can be ‘hand-made’ with the improvements and definition of modern recording technologies (pay attention to it when hearing to “Rock Star Cheater”). And it worked on an amazing way, indeed.

If you want a dose of Glam Metal with traces of US Metal, “Reconnected” is the right album for you. Hear to “Rock Star Cheater” (a massive Glam Metal song filled equally by weight and melodies, with a remarkable chorus and charming vocals), “You & I” (a more melodic song, improving the hooks, with another excellent chorus and a thunderous work on bass guitar and drums), “Under Pressure” (a version of the old song of QUEEN, here on a more Rock/Metal trend), “Innocent Girl” (an accessible and hooking song with a very good set of guitars arrangements that boosts the melodic accessibility), “Don’t Change Your Love” (a heavier moment in a Glam Metal vein, with very good backing vocals), “I’m On to You” (a Blues/Rock touch in the vein of LED ZEPPELIN can be felt, but in a more accessible way), “Disconnected” (a melodic and silk Rock song), and “Blind Love” and check as the band aged in an excellent form.

“Reconnected” can be said as a ‘must have’ album, and welcome back, HURRICANE, and of course there’s still space for you in the scene.

10 / 10









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"Reconnected" Track-listing:
  1. Rock Star Cheater
  2. You & I
  3. Under Pressure
  4. Behind Your Shadow
  5. Innocent Girl
  6. Don’t Change Your Love
  7. I’m On to You
  8. Hand of Souls
  9. Disconnected
  10. Blind Love
  11. Wishing Well
Hurricane Lineup:

Daniel Schuman - Vocals
Robert Sarzo - Guitars
Tony Cavazo - Bass, Backing Vocals
Mike Hansen - Drums, Percussion

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