Hot Suede

Hot Suede

Since the beginning of this tendency of old musical models begun on the 90's (it […]
May 31, 2019
Hot Suede - Hot Suede album cover

Since the beginning of this tendency of old musical models begun on the 90's (it can be said that Grunge Rock/Alternative Rock was the beginning of it all), many bands tried again and again to breathe life into this old form (and some others just copied what was already done), and a great part of them failed miserably. But there are some interesting names that can be found from time to time, as HOT SUEDE, a band that comes with "Hot Suede".

Their musical work is based on a blend of Hard Rock and Rock 'n' Roll from the 70's (with clear influences from names as LED ZEPPELIN and KISS) with NWOBHM crude approach on Hard Rock, and elements from Glam Metal subgenres from the 80's. But their music sounds fun and without any compromise that isn't to make the listener enjoy a good time. Their music is filled with energy, although it isn't something new at all. The sound quality is very good, trying to be clean in a way that can be assimilated without unnecessary hardships (a sign of modern technologies working behind the scenes). But it has that essential touch of rawness to be aggressive and heavy in the due ways. Maybe the organic feeling that everyone can feel comes from the instrumental tunes.

The funny essence of "The Otherside" (a song with simple, but charming melodies, and what a very good chorus), the sharp and aggressive insight of "Forget About You" (very good guitar riffs, indeed), the clear reference to NWOBHM Hard 'n' Heavy names (as DIAMOND HEAD) heard on "Got What You Came For" (a very good work from bass guitar and drums), the savage and melodic "Splits" (this one bears some elements from Glam Metal heavier bands, with excellent vocals and guitars), the accessible harmonies of "Tell Me" and of "Occasional Lover" can be named as their best songs, although the musical level of the entire album is really very good.

"Hot Suede" isn't the best album of all time, and the band's purpose doesn't fit in such idea, so enjoy it out loud, because HOT SUEDE had come to stay.

8 / 10









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"Hot Suede" Track-listing:

1. Roll a Bone
2. The Otherside
3. Forget About You
4. Got What You Came For
5. Watch Me Burn
6. Make It Harder
7. Splits
8. Interlude
9. Tell Me
10. Occasional Lover
11. The Trail
12. Good Maroon

Hot Suede Lineup:

Bobby W. Topaz - Vocals
Doug Nelson - Guitars
Scott Reed - Guitars
Chad Toney - Bass
Brett Southard - Drums

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