Let the Show Go On

Horizons Edge

Power Metal had such commercial success on the beginning of the 2000's that many fans […]
March 1, 2019
Horizons Edge - Let the Show Go On album cover

Power Metal had such commercial success on the beginning of the 2000's that many fans still have problems to deal with such genre again. It's a problem when a Metal genre becomes too successful, because it will become eroded and boring, so the new bands will have to deal with one more difficulty. This is what HORIZONS EDGE, from Melbourne, does on "Let the Show Go On". It's their second album.

Their approach on the genre isn't new at all, and what makes the difference is the presence of female vocals. They have a long way to go, but they have musical talent and personality enough to do so. But it doesn't mean that their work isn't good. It is, but their songs are ingenuous in many parts, seeming like many other bands that were heard before. Their melodies are good, the technical insight is moderate, and the balance between weight, melody and aggressiveness is presented in a very good way.

"Let the Shown Gon On" was produced by Bob Katsionis (of FIREWIND), and the vocals were recorded and produced by Ralf Sheepers (of Primal Fear, who made some guest vocals on the title track). The album's sound quality is truly good, keeping all songs loud and clean, with good instrumental tunes. It isn't perfect, but it sounds good. They show potential on songs as "A New Day Will Dawn" (very good guitars and keyboards parts, but the vocals aren't fitting properly on low tunes in some parts), "Farewell" (where the aggressive moments are really great and the vocals sounds perfect), "Surrender" (very good keyboard orchestrations on the beginning of a climatic song filled with many slower moments), "Use Me" (here is used a very good technical work from bass guitar and drums, and some Progressive Rock elements can be heard as well), "Holding Out for a Hero" (a very good set of melodies, being more accessible for a broader public), "In Your Eyes" (filled with tender harmonies and pianos, and it's a ballad with a heavy chorus), and "In a Moment" (a traditional Heavy/Power Metal song with catching guitars) are proof of a band that has a lot to offer to the fans.

It's a matter of time for the quintet to be in a great musical shape. But until then, "Let the Show Go On" is a very good release, indeed.

8 / 10









"Let the Show Go On" Track-listing:

1. A New Day Will Dawn
2. Farewell
3. Black Hole
4. Surrender
5. Let the Show Go On
6. Use Me
7. Holding Out for a Hero
8. Masks
9. In Your Eyes
10. Demons
11. In a Moment
12. Bring Me Home

Horizons Edge Lineup:

Kat Sproule - Vocals
Eddy Grosso - Guitars
Josh Ristrom - Guitars
Jae Edward - Bass
Dan Maloney - Drums

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