Hootenanny Freaks

To play a savage, crude and massive Rock 'n' Roll (in a way that can […]
May 23, 2019
Hootenanny Freaks - Freakshow album cover

To play a savage, crude and massive Rock 'n' Roll (in a way that can make walls crack) seems to be a trend today. But there are old bands from this specific genre that are still teaching the young one how things are. And the veteran quintet HOOTENANNY FREAKS, from Finland, still is a graduation teacher, for "Freakshow", their latest album, is amazing! Their music can sound polite to many due the sound quality and even some Punk Rock, Heavy Metal and Power Metal influences can be detected on their melodies and choruses. But don't let them deceive you: these nasty Rock 'n' Roll wolves are here to make you kneel down before them and surrender. You better do the second, because you'll gain a great band to like a lot. Great and simple guitar riffs, melodic vocals, thunderous and heavy rhythm session, all works in a great in their hands.

The production of the album conceived a very good sound quality, clean and with very good defined instrumental tunes, but bearing the right amounts of weight, aggressiveness and crudeness. But all in a way that the listeners will understand what they are playing. "Jake Brake" is a nervous and sinuous Rock 'n' Roll rebel with and aggressive outfit and a melodic (and excellent) chorus, and the vocals are amazing; the rebellious anthems "Brooder" and "Freakshow", both presenting excellent guitars; the aggressive nasty impact of "Killer Joe" and "Eileen"; and the melodies and chorus of "Whatever" (a solid rhythm and very good keyboards parts) are the best shots of the album. But don't you dare to lose the remixes of "Storm is Rising" and "Rebel Soul" (both are fine pieces of Rock 'n' Roll, indeed), and the live shot for "Mean Man Killer" (their energy is amazing in such way). Great band, great album, so hear it as loud as you can!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Freakshow" Track-listing:

1. Jake Brake
2. Brooder
3. Freakshow
4. Breakaway
5. Killer Joe
6. Eileen
7. Two Down
8. Whatever
9. Storm is Rising (Remix)
10. Rebel Soul (Remix)
11. Mean Man Killer (Live)

Hootenanny Freaks Lineup:

Pepe Tamminen - Vocals
Esko Kemell - Guitars
Aapo "Api" Häyrinen - Guitars, Keyboards
Marko "Montte" Leino - Bass
Marko Kuurne - Drums

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