Strangely, since technology entered the daily life of every person on Earth with internet and […]
October 16, 2016
Helhorse - Helhorse album cover

Strangely, since technology entered the daily life of every person on Earth with internet and another types of computational devices, some musical styles that were linked to a country are appearing in some parts of the world where it didn't exist before. So, to find a band as the sextet HELHORSE in Denmark is not a surprise anymore. But to be honest, their third album, "Helhorse" is a good work, but it could be better. Their musical style: that mix between Stoner Metal/Rock with Groove Metal elements. Ok, they are pretty good in all the aspect of their musical work. But they sound like many bands of the same style we heard before, that raw and nasty sound with melodic grooves and some aggressiveness. I'm not telling the album is a loss of time or anything like that, but it is good, but nothing different or outstanding.

The album's production was done in a very good way, indeed. Their musical work fits perfectly in such raw sound quality. Yes, it's raw as their music needs, but of course you can understand what they are playing, and this aspect is completed by a wise choice of instrumental tunes. The true problem of "Helhorse" is in its songs. Yes, because we can see (and hear) that they are talented, but something went wrong in any part of the album's composing process, for as Big Daddy wrote above, they are like many other bands of the style, and they can do more that we heard here. Songs as the nasty and heavy "Carry Your Own" (with good guitars and vocals that fits perfectly on the introspective parts of the song), "Among the Wolves" with its the dirty melodies and good technical work, the Progressive Rock approach used on "The Blood Boiler", the hooking groove and tempos of "Hell of a Ride" (that shows a fine work of bass guitar and drums), and the bitterness of the slow tempos of "My Haven/ Your Hell" proof they are a talented band. But their musical potential is far greater than "Helhorse" shows. Best of luck in the future, guys...

7 / 10









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"Helhorse" Track-listing:

1. Carry Your Own
2. Among the Wolves
3. Fortune Favors the Bold
4. I
5. The Blood Boiler
6. Hell of a Ride
7. II
8. Raise the Black Flag
9. III
10. My Haven/Your Hell
11. No Fucks Given

Helhorse Lineup:

Mikkel Wad Larsen - Vocals
Jakob Møgelcunt - Guitars
Stephan C. Krabsen - Guitars, backing vocals
Aske Kristiansen - Piano, vocals
Theis Roed Thogersen - Bass
Jesper Bergstedt - Drums

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