Glamorise Demise


 It's common to deal with some biased ideas on the internet about modern tendencies in […]
February 5, 2022
Headwreck - Glamorise Demise album cover

 It's common to deal with some biased ideas on the internet about modern tendencies in Metal and Rock 'n' Roll. It's a social inheritance based on violence. What these words mean: what is modern causes hate reactions from those used to a dominating form of music. It happened with BLACK SABBATH with those addicted on the previous musical tendencies, and the fans of the 70's did the same with the younger fans of 80's Metal tendencies. To escape from such thing is simple: refuse to be a part of this form of social violence, this 'cult of the past'. The violence must stop in a moment, and you can do it for you, and the more people deny such form of seeing things, the hate will stop. And then you'll be able to understand and accept the new, even not liking it (no one can be forced to like something, after all). And a deeper understanding on music is needed to deal with the Australian quartet HEADWRECK work, as can be heard on "Glamorise Demise".

This EP shows a musical work that is based on Modern tendencies, with the abrasive and greasy approach on guitars, and that's plenty of New Metal/Industrial Rock influences, along with Groove Rock and Hardcore influences and some tender and clean melodies. So it can be sound as a mix between aggressive parts with some deeper and clean moments, and what a massive and abrasive energy flows from their musical work. Obviously that they can make things in a better way, but as this EP is here to state, they're on the right path. The production worked on a form to give their songs a modern and brutal appeal but defined in a way that things can be understood fully, even with such greasy and filthy insight. Yes, it's a very good work, after all.

"Empty Space" is modern and abrasive but bears some very good and melodic contrasts (the screams of the vocals are contrasted with very good clean voices, and some whispers creates a rich musical appeal), and the short "Eulogy" shows a more Industrial/New Metal approach on its melodies, based on a strong and brutal rhythm created by bass guitar and drums. With a deeper and melancholic design, "The End of the Suite" is the kind of song where the fans will have a deeper vision of the rich work of the guitars (because the tunes are not as greasy as on the previous songs). And "Respite" shows the same melodic and tender tendency, but with a more experimental/Industrial appeal due the focus on effects and sampled parts.

And to bring the apocalypse back, "Nicotine" brings the modern and brutal work of the band, with an aggressive work on the instrumental with nasty screamed tunes on the vocals. It's obvious that "Glamorise Demise" isn't showing fully what HEADWRECK can do. But even in this way, these songs will give the fans of modern tendencies a great time.

8 / 10









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"Glamorise Demise" Track-listing:

1. Empty Space
2. Eulogy
3. The End of the Suite
4. Respite
5. Nicotine

Headwreck Lineup:

Connor Hickman - Vocals
Jamo Benadie - Guitars, Clean Vocals
Callen Batson - Bass
Colby Horton - Drums

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