Unveiling the Brac’thal

Hasturian Vigil

A very good Irish Black Metal revelation, indeed.
March 14, 2024

Any Metal genre is an infinite source of bands. Since BLACK SABBATH started the genre on 1970, what is the subgenre of Metal that is truly dead, and whose womb is unable to give life to new acts? Old School and modern tendencies are coexisting today (not on a respectful way, unfortunately, as saw in some interviews), and no genre is left dead. Black Metal is really able to generate new names easily and no matter the country or its particularities. From Ireland, one good name on the genre is arising: HASTURIAN VIGIL, a duet that opens ways with an EP, “Unveiling the Brac’thal”.

When the label Black Metal is spoken/written it’s common to think of lo-fi sonorities, and it’s the case of this EP: filthy, moldy and aggressive with those nasty instrumental tunes inherited from the 80s and 90s. But the works of Shauny Cads (recording, mixing) and Dan Lowndes (mastering) tries to have a good level of definition that enables the hearers to understand what’s being played without problems. It’s good and fits on what the band wants to express. And as guests, they brought S.C. to play guitars on “Apparitions of Torment”, J.K. also in the guitars (but on the track “Nine Bellowing Hounds”), and L.H. on the percussion. And what lovely artwork created by Canopic Ire.

The band’s music is just a form of Black Metal that resembles a lot what was done in the first half of the 90s, but not copying what was done in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greece or any other School. In reality, it seems that Irish Black Metal developed a personal DNA, because traces heard on acts as PRIMORDIAL (on “Imrama” days), CRUACHAN and others, even not using Folk elements on their music (this duet is a pure Black Metal). One can check that they can deny influences from traditional Heavy Metal (due the good technical level, and some melodic touches, as heard during the guitar leads on “Nine Bellowing Hounds”). Obviously they still have a long way to go (they’re a young band), but show potential and talent to create great music.

The EP opens with a long song, “Ikaath the Seven Horned”, full of shifts on instrumental parts and very good arrangements (with elements inherited from Black/Thrash Metal from the 80s on the riffs), and tons of raw energy. On “Apparitions of Torment” they unleash a storming assault of aggressiveness, but once again with very good rhythmic contrasts (depicting solid work on bass and drums), but with a charming melodic guitar solo. “Nine Bellowing Hounds” is another massive rush of darkened energy in the ears, with very good vocals (using a low set of tunes on its shrieks similar to Tom Angelripper on his prime), and “Velvet Paintings Gaze” brings a slower and oppressive moment where a melodic sense appears, with catching parts that are hard to resist to. The band deserved a full album, to be fair.

Maybe the band can work with shorter lengths on time in its songs in the future; but for now, “Unveiling the Brac’thal” depicts that Ireland can bet on HASTURIAN VIGIL’s for becoming a great name.

8 / 10









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"Unveiling the Brac’thal" Track-listing:
  1. Ikaath the Seven Horned
  2. Apparitions of Torment
  3. Nine Bellowing Hounds
  4. Velvet Paintings Gaze
Hasturian Vigil Lineup:

Cxaathesz - Keyboards, Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Shygthoth - Drums

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