Legends Never Die


The Cult of the thrashing Hammer is back, and they're up to break your necks, […]
September 4, 2016
Hammercult - Legends Never Die album cover

The Cult of the thrashing Hammer is back, and they're up to break your necks, smash your skulls and crush your souls with another destructive Thrash Metal massacre! Yes, the Israeli quintet HAMMERCULT is here, a year after the release of "Built for War", they are unstoppable and vigorous, and they are releasing another Thrash Metal assault, called "Legends Never Die." What are they up to? This time, we can say that "Legends Never Die" is a tribute, a Thrash Metal praise for those bands that helped to build HAMMERCULT's musical identity. Here you'll find five versions of songs that the quintet released as bonus tracks or on a tribute album. Of course these versions have a Thrash Metal orientated insight, were played to keep the aspects of the original songs, but with imputing the violent and furious essence of the band on each track.

The sound quality has some differences between each song, but we must remember: they record these songs in different epochs of the band's history. Even with that, the whole picture is excellent, because the band uses the perfect combination of musical filth, heavy and aggressive weight and sound clarity in a way that their work gains life. I truly recommend you to take care with your ears, because the brutal grasp that HAMMERCULT puts on the songs is really extreme, so be prepared. But if you have some disgusting neighbors, it's time for paying them back! The album opens with a lethal and striking version of ACCEPT's classic "Fast As A Shark", keeping the aggressive and melodic insight of the original version, but where the band's guitars are excellent, as well as the great vocals. Then, as a true homage to Lemmy, comes "Ace of Spades", one of MOTORHEAD's greatest anthems, being aggressive and nasty as the original, but with fine melodies on the guitars, and a perfect work from bass guitar and drums (and to be honest, this song was a bonus for vinyl version of "Steelcrusher" album). Another storm of raw energy comes on "Soldiers of Hell", from RUNNING WILD first album, and where the tempos are not fast, and the melodies from guitars can be heard at their best. A high and filthy adrenaline dose awaits us on "No Rules", a short song from Punk/Hardcore icon G. G. Allins, so it's hooking and anarchic, spewing forth chaos by the fine work from vocals and backing vocals. Following, we can feel the blast of energy and aggression for "Evil Has No Boundaries", a SLAYER anthem, where the guitars are recreating the best riffs from the original version. And to complete the total destructive chaos of "Legends Never Die", the band offers us three of their best songs: the anthems "Rise of the Hammer", "Steelcrusher" and "Let the Angels Burn", where the entire band is doing great, and our necks will not be left "unHammered", if you can understand what I mean. This is another masterpiece from these Metal maniacs, and surrender your souls and follow this cult of freedom and chaos!

10 / 10









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"Legends Never Die" Track-listing:

1. Fast as a Shark
2. Ace of Spades
3. Soldiers of Hell
4. No Rules
5. Evil has no Boundaries
6. Rise of the Hammer
7. Steelcrusher
8. Let the Angels Burn

Hammercult Lineup:

Yakir Shochat - Vocals
Guy Ben David - Guitars
Yuval Kramer - Guitars
Elad Manor - Bass
Maayan Henik - Drums

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