Actually, more and more bands are trying to sound like those ones from the 70s. […]
May 10, 2016
Hällas - Hällas album cover

Actually, more and more bands are trying to sound like those ones from the 70s. It seems a new trend into Metal/Rock scene, as that one of the bands trying to be like those ones from the 80s. And as happens in every trend, there are excellent names, bad ones, and those who stay in the middle, not so good as they could be and not as bad as it seems.

And the quartet, HÄLLAS, is one of those that is in the middle of the last group I mention above, but with talent to be used in the future. That's what their EP, "Hällas", shows clearly to us all.

The quintet is good, creating a psychedelic form of music, reminding something those bands as MOUNTAIN and CACTUS did on the past, something that would be the roots of Metal as we know. They play in a melodic way, but sometimes, some weight appears (as we can hear clearly on "Hällas"), but in the greater part of the EP, they stay as we could expect: a band sounding like those ones from the past. But this is their sin: there are no surprises, just more of the same we heard before. They have talent, but could dare a bit more.

The sound quality is good, nasty and dirty as those bands from the past. The songs really sound raw and with tunes that are near those used by the forefathers of Metal. But it's clear as the productions created on our days, so there is no problem in understanding what they are playing.

"Autumn in Space" is melodic and tender, with good vocals, with the same elements being heard on "Insomnia" (this time with some hooking guitars). On "Hällas", we can hear some heavy elements pre-Metal era, those ones we can find on bands as CREAM or THE WHO in some moments, with that heavy Blues influence. And "Tale of a Tyrant" is full of a lovely and introspective feeling, and good solos. But we all heard that same kind of music many times before.

HÄLLAS is a good band and has potential, but they must dare a bit more.<

6 / 10

Had Potential








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"Hällas" Track-listing:

1. Autumn in Space
2. Insomnia
3. Hällas
4. Tale of a Tyrant

Hällas Lineup:

Tommy Alexandersson - Bass, Vocals
Alexander Moraitis - Guitars
Marcus Pettersson - Guitars
Nicklas Malmqvist - Keyboards
Kasper Eriksson - Drums

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