The pioneers of Blackened Death Metal of Mexico are back, and what a very good release!
June 14, 2024

During the 90s, albums as “Covenant”, “Effigy of the Forgotten”, “Storm of the Light’s Bane”, “Black Force Domain” and others caused shifts and changes on the models of Death Metal and Blackened Death Metal: on one side, bands were using a more brutal and technical outfit; on other hand, others started to use a more melodic appeal tempered by morbid and funereal melodies. And such load influenced many bands from then on, as the Mexican slaughters of HACAVITZ. And here they’re back with “Muerte”, their latest full-length.

César “Led” Sánchez (the band’s drummer), Antimo Buonnano (the band’s guitarist/vocalist/bassist) and Jose Carlos Padilla worked on the recording, mixing and mastering of “Muerte”, having a clear idea: to have a classic and old fashioned sonority (to bear an organic appeal) that could be understood by the band’s fans. And it fits perfectly on the band’s music. And the artwork of Antonio Nolasco is amazing, shaping the things and stating clear what these guys are up to.

After seven year since their last full-length (“Nex Nihil”), here the Mexican pioneers are back with an inspired and darkened release. It’s a fine combination of influences between DISSECTION, MAYHEM, MORBID ANGEL, CELTIC FROST and some others, but always with a personal appeal. The songs present very good arrangements, excellent riffing, solid rhythmic work (as they use a slower insight on their music, the work of bass guitar and drums must be on a high level), sharp snarls of the vocals, and done with personality and a darkened energy, and here you have a release that’s hard to resist to.

Then, having such ideas set, it’s impossible to not surrender to what is heard on “Primera Muerte” (excellent darkened guitar riffs and arrangements), “Hiaretikos Nicte” (what oppressive ambiences, pierced by agonizing snarls and screams of the vocals), “Moonstench” (a faster song, but keeping the oppressive ambience of the whole album), “Voivodvz” (another brutal assault focused on a faster appeal, and what great work on bass guitar and drums, tempered by charming dark melodies), and the long and sharp “Conticinium”, and to give effusive applause to these guys.

Yes, the Aztecs Death/Blackened Death Metal lords of Mexico show on “Muerte” a fine come back, and I hope that HACAVITZ will keep on! Praise them!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Muerte" Track-listing:
  1. Primera Muerte
  2. Hiaretikos Nicte
  3. Moonstench
  4. Voivodvz
  5. Tsontekotl Ika Tletl (instrumental)
  6. Conticinium
Hacavitz Lineup:

Antimo Buonnano - Vocals, Guitars, Bass
César “Led” Sánchez - Drums

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