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Music is never a fair job. The bands (and musicians) can have a lot of […]
May 3, 2019
Gypsy Rose - Reloaded album cover

Music is never a fair job. The bands (and musicians) can have a lot of problems to deal with during their active years. Even BLACK SABBATH had a lot of them with managers and others. There are many dishonest guys at record labels and other business in music that can turn dreams into nightmares, good will on suffering. And the Swedish band GYPSY ROSE knows the thorns from hardship due their long set of bitter experiences. We can say that "Reloaded" is filled with the feelings from the scars of time.

"Reloaded" can be said as the new version from their first album "Gypsy Rose", released on 2005, remastered and with a bonus track. But the sufferings that were mentioned above are due their long experience between 1981 and 2005, a gap of 24 years of many deceptions. But the album shows a strong and melodic form of music that could be classified as Hard Rock with some elements from AOR and traditional Heavy Metal, and the rude energy must come from their sad experiences (imagine the number of times that labels approached them for a contract, and the countless times the words "we'll call you later" were spoken in the sense that no one came back after they were said). Their music isn't something new even on the 80's, but it is wonderful the way it is.

The album was originally produced by Martin Kronlund (the band's guitarist and one of its founding members), and he did the remastering of "Reloaded". All to make it sounds alive and savage, with that same melodic impact of the past, but being modern as well. Their 11 songs from the original version are amazing, being the best ones "When You Leave at Night" (a fine mix between the tender melodies from Hard/Glam Metal with the weight of Metal, and what amazing aggressive vocals), the fine mix between great guitars on the vein of Eddie Van Halen with great keyboards' parts shown on "You Drive Me Crazy", the charming 80's' feeling presented on "Promise to Stay", the nasty and filth touch on the melodies of the chorus of "Queen of the Night", the traditional Swedish Hard Rock essence of "December Night" and of "Fender '59". But "Solitude", the bonus track of this version, is a modern and accessible song that makes the link between their past with their future. And by the way, there's an special appearance of Mats Levèn making backing vocals.

GYPSY ROSE deserves to be heard out loud with caring ears, and "Reloaded" is a fine album that really deserves to be acquired at any cost.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Reloaded" Track-listing:

1. When You Leave at Night
2. You Drive Me Crazy
3. Promise to Stay
4. Moonlight
5. You Are the One
6. Queen of the Night
7. Burning
8. Light Up My Way
9. December Night
10. Fender '59
11. The Look in Your Eye
12. Solitude (bonus track)

Gypsy Rose Lineup:

Håkan Gustafsson - Vocals
Martin Kronlund - Guitars
Mats Bostedt - Bass
Rikard Quist - Keyboards
Imre Daun - Drums

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