Land of Decay

Grave of Sacrifice

Sometimes, some releases can make the fans ask why they're so short in time, because […]
February 1, 2023
Grave of Sacrifice - Land of Decay album cover

Sometimes, some releases can make the fans ask why they're so short in time, because as long as one listens, the more one wants to get. Yes, in the case of some releases, one can ask 'why in the blazes this isn't as long as it could be?'. And one clear case of it is "Land of Decay", this 5-songs EP of the Mexican quintet GRAVE OF SACRIFICE. The band's work can be depicted as a form of Death Metal that mixes influences of acts as MORBID ANGEL, CANNIBAL CORPSE and others from the old days with the modern elements that acts as DECAPITATED, LAMB OF GOD, GOJIRA and THE HAUNTED brought. It can be hard to understand, but the better way is: they're a Death Metal act with a classic appeal, but that doesn't deny the use of modern elements to create their own musical personality.

It's brutal, oppressive, nasty and aggressive, full of life and energy, with a very good technical level, but always with excellent arrangements and many hooks that will seduce the fans. Take a bite, and you won't regret the experience! Braulio Díaz (the band's guitarist) worked on the recording, mixing, and mastering, creating a clear and understandable sonority that enables the fans to understand what the band expresses on its songs. But pay attention: this sonority is brutal and aggressive as well, allowing the massive onslaught of the ears.

"Blind Maze" opens the EP and bears many influences of Death/Thrash Metal, with some groove on its melodies, but always with abrasive and nasty guitar riffs and arrangements (but pay attention to some slower parts). Full of fiery hooks is the harmonies of "Kneel Down" (again with many hooks arising from some dynamical and modern arrangements). An excellent technical work of bass guitar and drums (with some unusual elements on their playing) and brutal rhythms, "Broken Thoughts" is really extreme and catching, with many contrasts that are really great; and "Macron" bears the same elements (with the guttural vocals and high-pitched snarls fitting perfectly on the instrumental lines). And "Land of Decay" comes to finish the slaughter, again bearing a fine mix between elements of the past and of the present (and some Jazz Noir/Progressive parts in the end).

GRAVE OF SACRIFICE is really an excellent name of Mexican scene, but why in the blazes isn't "Land of Decay" a full album? Let's hope that their first album can come as soon as possible.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Land of Decay" Track-listing:

1. Blind Maze
2. Kneel Down
3. Broken Thoughts
4. Macron
5. Land of Decay

Grave of Sacrifice Lineup:

Ángel Cervera - Vocals
Braulio Díaz - Lead Guitars
Pablo Caamal - Rhythm Guitars
César Güemez - Bass
Baruch Velázquez - Drums

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