To speak about French Black Metal is to remind us of its roots in LLN […]
March 9, 2019
Gorgon - Elegy album cover

To speak about French Black Metal is to remind us of its roots in LLN back in the 90's. In those days, the main idea was to produce a state-of-the-art form for the genre, different from what was done in Norway, Finland, Sweden and Greece. It's the main reason for French Black Metal bears a particular insight. And what a band as the quartet GORGON, from Paris (don't confuse them with the ancient band from Antibes) could add to the scene with their second album "Elegy"?

They're a Symphonic Black Metal band, similar to bands in the way of the 90's, still bearing the crude and introspective insight on the orchestrations (where the use of different melodies is constant), a melodic darkened essence on guitars and a brutal solid work from bass guitar and drums during all the songs. They still have to mature a bit more (specially in the vocals, because these low tuned grunts are not fitting in the songs as perfectly as they could, sounding with a Nergal's influence sometimes), but their work is really great and different.

The sound quality of the album is really great, trying to not stay away from the models that Black Metal bands usually use, but without being trapped by them (the tunes of the guitars and bass guitar are trying to fit on the genre's definitions, but without being limited by them). The violent approach on the recording is a wise decision, but allowing the listeners to understand the complex net of symphonic elements of their music. Yes, everyone will understand every single musical arrangement without problems.

The band is really talented, as songs as "Under a Bleeding Moon" (excellent melodic orchestrations laid on a brutal and fast tempos coverlet), the sharp guitars of "Nemesis" (another fast song with very good use of technique on drums, but without tearing the symphonic elements apart), the oppressive parts of "Into the Abyss" (another great moment of keyboards, and the female voices creates the right ambience when they appear), and the grandiose and bonecrushing "Of Divinity and Flesh" will gain more fans to their work.

Adjusting the vocals' tunes (it's a matter of using a more ample set of ranges), they'll be on the right path, because GORGON's work is really amazing. But the extreme Metal fans will not complain, and for sure will love "Elegy".

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Elegy" Track-listing:

1. Origins
2. Under a Bleeding Moon
3. Nemesis
4. The Plagues
5. Into The Abyss
6. Ishassara
7. Of Divinity and Flesh
8. Elegy

Gorgon Lineup:

Paul Thureau - Vocals, Guitars, Bouzouki, Orchestrations
Julien Amiot - Guitars
Aurel Hamoniaux - Bass, Backing Vocals
Charles Phily - Drums

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