The Haruspex


Canada has a long and strong tradition into Metal. I guess you all know names […]
August 3, 2016
Gomorrah - The Haruspex album cover

Canada has a long and strong tradition into Metal. I guess you all know names as RUSH (the greatest name on Metal/Rock scene from the country), ANVIL, EXCITER, SLAUGHTER and many more. From that lands, many great bands came on the past, and it still breeds some good bands on these times we are living now. So, bands as the trio GOMORRAH are heirs of a long tradition. So what this Death Metal trio could offer to the world in terms of music on the latest album, "The Haruspex"? The best answer should be: a brutal puke on our heads. But that's not the entire true.

Besides the band really unleashes a violent form of music into their songs, there are some bits of melodies and some musical and harmonic refinements presented below all their aggressive and brutal music, that sometimes sounds fast and cuts like a sharp knife, and on other times sound slower and bitter than before. And they show very good musical talent as the album is heard more and more times. The sound production is good. Yes, it was done in a way that the brutal grasp and aggressive tunes are clear to our ears, and we can understand what they are playing with no problem at all. But the tunes I mention above could be done on a better way, especially when we are dealing with the guitars. It's good, but could be better. But I can say that Bowen Matheson (engineering), Stuart McKillop (mixing) and Brad Boatright (mastering) did a good work. And the cover created by Kevin Moore is truly excellent.

"Nine Kings of Sulphur" with its rich and brutal technical moments (pay some attention to the guitars, and se as they are truly technical and charming), the musical experiments on "Carcosa" (there are some interest musical touches that are from out from Death Metal limits, besides it doesn't affect the brutality of the excellent drums' work), the excellent guitars on "Dismantling the Throne" (that mixes brutal moments with some atmospheric ones, as the vocals shows brutal grunts and aggressive harsh voices) and on "Crowns of Flesh" (that has the same elements, but with a more technical orientation on the drums), the introspective and bitter atmosphere shown on "Cerulean" (due the slow and broken tempos on some parts), and the modern aggressive feeling that fills "The Mark of Veritas" (besides these drums and vocals are excellent). They are pretty good, but I believe they can do better. But by now, "The Haruspex" is a very good work.

8 / 10









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"The Haruspex" Track-listing:

1. Imperial
2. Nine Kings of Sulphur
3. Carcosa
4. Dismantling the Throne
5. Sitra Achra
6. Crowns of Flesh
7. Cerulean
8. Venom and Rapture
9. Architects
10. The Mark of Veritas

Gomorrah Lineup:

Jeff Bryan - Vocals
Bowen Matheson - Guitars
Drums - Casey Long-Read

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