Monotheistic Enslavement

Godhead Machinery

It's common for those that are outside of the scene to question Metal, saying that […]
February 11, 2022
Godhead Machinery - Monotheistic Enslavement album cover

It's common for those that are outside of the scene to question Metal, saying that it's 'the music of the devil'. But in the root of the satanic themes is an idea: they're a deeper form of criticism against the historical abuses of Christianity. Yes, if one wants to understand why things are into such way, this one must admit the historical guilty that Christianity bears over it shoulders, as the Crusades, the 'holy' Inquisition, and the abuses that are still committed into the churches (pedophilia, simony, political alienation in defense of the elites that exploits people), and many more. These are the fuel that feeds these themes. This is what feeds bands as GODHEAD MACHINERY, a Swedish quintet that is releasing their latest album, "Monotheistic Enslavement".

Their music is a form of classical Black Metal that shows the Swedish DNA of the genre. It's aggressive, harsh and tempered with that cold-chilling ambiences that are usual for the fans (and that causes complaints from the non-used fans sometimes). They use the same elements that bands as LORD BELIAL, DISSECTION and other Swedish Black Metal acts, but with a sinister, melodic and personal approach (pay attention to the morbid choirs during "Orbis Non Sufficit" to understand what these words mean). Yes, it's really a very good release, indeed. "Monotheistic Enslavement" was mixed and mastered at Milk Studios, Sweden, by the hands of by Magnus Jonsson. And the final result is that usual sonority of the genre, but in a form that is defined and allows the fans to understand. It sounds morbid, funereal, crude, but in a very good way. And as guest, they had the help of Krzysztof Klingbein (of DEATHSPAWN and live drummer of VADER) on the recording of the drums' parts.

The band uses their dark lyrics to show a central concept: how the religious beliefs are manipulating society, pulling the strings on laws, policy, and other aspects of society. And maybe this is the reason for their songs to have a deeper and introspective claim. The darkened appeal of "Sovereign of Nullity" shows excellent work on the tempos, as bass guitar and drums forms a solid rhythmic wall; and the morbid and introspective ambience of "Ethereal" has a melancholic and funereal grasp due the excellent work of the guitars.

"Dethroned" has a more extreme and fast form on the tempos, but with a very good technical work and some darkened contrasts can be found. And the sinister set of contrasts shown on "Orbis Non Sufficit" can depict their musical versatility (pay attention to the nasty guitar solos, darkened Gregorian chants and snarls from the vocals). Aggressive and crude is the outfit of "Upon His Deceitful Star", another song with very good balance between fast and slow parts, and another very good moment of bass guitar and drums. And "Helion" brings back a funereal and aggressive approach on the rhythms, creating the right conditions for a very good work from the vocals.

And "Monotheistic Enslavement" sounds as a conscience statement during its eight minutes of harsh and darkened melodic appeal, a seduction with excellent guitars arrangements and dense appeal, and filled with funereal-like landscaping melodies. Yes, "Monotheistic Enslavement" is a very good release that deserves to be heard patiently (even being an album that's easy to love). And it states GODHEAD MACHINERY as a pillar of Swedish Black Metal.

10 / 10









"Monotheistic Enslavement" Track-listing:

1. Sovereign of Nullity
2. Ethereal
3. Dethroned
4. Orbis Non Sufficit
5. Upon His Deceitful Star
6. Helion
7. Monotheistic Enslavement

Godhead Machinery Lineup:

Niklas Ekwall - Vocals
Tommy Ericson - Guitars
Robert Kail Karlsson - Guitars
Daniel Forsberg - Bass
Krzysztof Klingbein - Drums

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