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The true nature of Industrial Metal is the experimental approach, where any idea can become […]
August 9, 2019
Global Scum - Odium album cover

The true nature of Industrial Metal is the experimental approach, where any idea can become a set of melodies or a smashing blow in the nose. It depends of what the band wants to do with its music, because some prefer to create something experimental that can send the listener into a chaotic mind trip (like NIN likes to do), and on others, the music becomes a fine definition for worldwide apocalypse (like MNEMIC and MINISTRY do). And the one man band GLOBAL SCUM does something that has the Industrial Metal soul on "Odium", their second full length.

The band uses a modern and aggressive insight, like a fusion between SEPULTURA of "Chaos A. D." era with MESHUGGAH latest works, so elements of Industrial/Groove Metal are presented along Thrash/Death touches. It sounds modern and with some greasy tunes on guitars, but always aggressive and solid as a rock. And the band's energy is amazing, something really very good and personal. One feature that astonishes those that are used to Industrial Metal subgenres is the sound quality. The option was done for something that is clean and defined (leaving the musical aggressiveness comes from the tunes used on the musical instruments) that allows the listener to understand what is being played.

The bitter Hardcore/Crossover tempos of "Fake as Fuck" (with a chorus that really reminds me of SEPULTURA in the 90's), the Groove/Thrash Metal outfit used on the guitars of "Full of Hell" (a slower song with massive guitar riffs) and "Assassins", the Industrial/Groove abrasive essence of "Back Beats", a song that works as an experimental introduction for the nasty burst of energy called "Call for Resistance" (very good bass guitar and drums parts, creating a solid rhythm for the song), the contrasts between bitter parts and Death Metal grunts shown on "Martyrium", and the grasping brutality and nasty musical approach of Djent/Death Metal with Industrial ambiance of "Violent Creation" and "Mental Anxiety" (this one has some extreme moments that are amazing) are the ones to introduce the listener for the band musical chaos.

GLOBAL SCUM appears in a time when Industrial is not a commercial success anymore, but will conquer many fans with "Odium".

8 / 10









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"Odium" Track-listing:

1. Lunatic (intro)
2. Feared
3. Fake as Fuck
4. Full of Hell
5. Disgusting Lust of Madness
6. Assassins
7. Back Beats
8. Call for Resistance
9. Martyrium
10. Human Waste
11. Violent Creation
12. Savage Killer
13. Mental Anxiety

Global Scum Lineup:

Manuel Harlander - Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Drums

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