Ode Naturae


The Germanic Pagan/Folk Metal scene is mainly in the underground. There are excellent bands there, […]
October 15, 2020
Gernotshagen - Ode Naturae album cover

The Germanic Pagan/Folk Metal scene is mainly in the underground. There are excellent bands there, but are hidden by the obscurity of its scene (and to be honest, it's easier to hear new bands playing Power Metal and Thrash Metal than other Metal genres). But it doesn't mean that there aren't good names there. And the sextet GERNOTSHAGEN is one of them, creating a very good album as "Ode Naturae".

It's their fourth full-length, so it's not a sin to think that the Pagan/Folk Metal approach is consolidated. It's melodic and melancholic in many parts, but always in a form that uses just the traditional Metal musical instruments (so the Folk/Pagan ones are left aside). The vocals are focused on extreme tunes (the use of a form of grunts, snarls and screams that are usual for traditional Death Metal acts), but with some clean parts (as can be heard on "Eibengang"), but the use of melancholic melodies and Folk/Pagan ambiences are mainly created by guitars and keyboards; and the weight and good technique from bass guitar and drums is clear. In the end of all, even not being something really new, it's personal and filled with a tender and hooking energy.

The sound quality used by the band on "Ode Naturae" is good, but not perfect. To keep the brutal aspects of its music, the band used a crude approach that could be better worked. The songs and instruments can be understood, but the whole outfit became nasty due the fact that the instrumental tunes aren't as compatible with their music as they could. It's good, but could be better.

Musically, "Ode Naturae" has a lot to offer to the fans of such Metal genre (and for Metal fans that don't care about labels or genres), as the long "Eibengang" (the set of melancholic melodies and rhythmic changes is excellent, along with a fine work from keyboards, bass guitar and drums), the melancholic Folk appeal of "Blut für die Meute" (very good guitar parts and contrasts between vocals tunes) and of "Fahle Wege", the good use of slow tempos with charming keyboards on "Zyklus Tod", and the 11 minutes long set of variations heard on "Transzendenz" are the album's best moments.

It's time to show a special attention in the German Folk/Pagan Metal scene, as "Ode Naturae" shows. For now, GERNOTSHAGEN shows to be a driving force on the genre in a near future.

8 / 10









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"Ode Naturae" Track-listing:

1. Erwachen
2. Eibengang
3. Eisenwald
4. Blut für die Meute
5. Fahle Wege
6. Zyklus Tod
7. Wildnis
8. Transzendenz

Gernotshagen Lineup:

Askan - Vocals
Roman - Lead Guitars
Daimonicon - Rhythm Guitars
Sebastian - Keyboards
Steffen - Bass
Markus - Drums

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