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This band is for all those who missed a lot earlier Norwegian Black Metal. GANDREID, […]
December 26, 2013
Gandreid - Nordens Skalder album cover

This band is for all those who missed a lot earlier Norwegian Black Metal.

GANDREID, a band from the legendary city of Bergen, who gave birth to BURZUM, resurrected something from that sonority with their first album, "Nordens Skalder".

Besides some Pagan / Viking Metal elements arise here and there, the band focus their efforts in doing a more atmospheric and raw Black Metal, and to be honest, they really did! Their music is raw and powerful, but with some moments more atmospheric, reminding us all of SATYRICON's "The Shadowthrone", but without being a carbon copy. They have personality.

Raw sounding is what awaits our ears, that "Norwegian Black Metal" trademark that everyone knows very well. But even being raw, you can comprehend clearly their musical work with no big efforts. The cover is in that old trend of putting landscapes pictures, so, it's cool.

Besides the album is entirely very good, its better moments are: the powerful "Efter Moerkets Frembrudd" (I really miss this kind of guitar riffs and vocals), the more atmospheric "Skaldens Soenner" (this one has some aspects of Pagan Metal), the harsh ones "Hærfang" (good drumming here!) and "Han Som Stod Aaleina", and the excellent "Blodstyrt,Endelikt & Velklang".

Hope they can really keep this band on, for it's a really pretty good work to hear.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Nordens Skalder" Track-listing:

1. Efter Moerkets Frembrudd
2. Atterljom
3. Skaldens Soenner
4. Hærfang
5. Visjoner Om En Kvervet Storhetstid
6. Han Som Stod Aaleina
7. Voyage Towards Redemption
8. Svart Flamme
9. Blodstyrt,Endelikt & Velklang
10. Sorgens Sti

Gandreid Lineup:

Dáublódir - Vocals, Drums Production
Ildsint - Guitars, Bass, Choirs, Effects, Synths

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