From outside fans, the Sweden Metal scene became known for BATHORY's works in 'the 80's, […]
July 12, 2019
Frame - Circles album cover

From outside fans, the Sweden Metal scene became known for BATHORY's works in 'the 80's, until the Death Metal invasion in the beginning of the 90's, and Black Metal came just a bit after. Then the scene became full of Metal genres that weren't there before. So hearing a band as FRAME isn't something unexpected, and "Circles", their latest release, is a very good work, indeed. It's just a personal form to play Groove Metal in an aggressive and charming way, like a traditional Heavy Metal playing Groove Metal (so the listeners must not expect something nasty and rough). It's like the melodic and hooking energy of METALLICA on "Metallica" could be mixed with elements from PANTERA and DOWN, besides this is a poor description. Their music doesn't sound new, but it's alive and is a breath of fresh air, full of energy as well.

The recordings were done in a way to make the album's sound quality greasy enough to be a Groove Metal album, but not extreme as some bands always do. It sounds with a high definition level, so to understand what they're playing isn't difficult (instead of it, their music can be understood easily). Their abrasive sound is really amazing with such hypnotic hooking melodies, and the songs are all very good. But the very good aggressive melodies on guitar shown on "No Superhero", the broken rhythm and chorus of "Burn My Soul", the bitter and slow insight used on "Running til the Edge of the World" (and it's showing a very good work on vocals as well), the musical accessibility due rhythmic changes of "Looking For You" and on the introspective "Circles", and the melodic impact of "Happy Whore" are the ones that are recommended for the beginners on their work.

"Circles" is really a good album, and FRAME delivers it with a great energy. Hear it!

8 / 10









"Circles" Track-listing:

1. No Superhero
2. Burn My Soul
3. The Eternal Sleep of Slugs
4. Running til the Edge of the World
5. Hunting Ghosts
6. Looking For You
7. Circles
8. Sinner
9. The Change
10. Happy Whore
11. Swimming in a Lake of Madness

Frame Lineup:

Robert Westin - Vocals
Kristian Kallio - Guitars
Johannes Olsson - Bass
Andreas Ragnarsson - Drums

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