Everyone already knows that AOR was a strong musical genre that began to be a […]
June 21, 2019
Fortune - II album cover

Everyone already knows that AOR was a strong musical genre that began to be a commercial success on the second half of the 70's. Names as FOREIGNER, KANSAS, JOURNEY, TOTO, SURVIVOR and some others are the best examples of bands that earned a great musical success aligned with charming and great songs that will last until the end of time. Maybe some musical archaeologists will remember the name of FORTUNE, a North American quintet that released two albums (both with the same name, "Fortune", one on 1978 and the other on 1985) and that received a warm reception back then. But as their label bankrupted on those days, they disbanded, and only regrouped back on 2006, took some time, and here is their latest album, "Fortune II".

Their music is that same old and good melodic AOR that earned a lot of commercial success on the end of the 70's and to the last years of the 80's. Their music presents tons of charming melodies, gluing choruses and remarkable songs. The instrumental parts are excellent, but with emphasis given to guitars and keyboards, what can be expected from the band's musical genre. But their way is truly personal, and it's impossible to resist the musical seduction that "Fortune II" imposes to the listener. The sound quality of the album is excellent. Clean and with very good instrumental tunes, in a way that everyone can understand what the band plays and what it's up to with its music. But there's a rough touch that enable the band to be called a Rock group.

Their songs are elegant and were created with very good instrumental arrangements, and songs as the 80's weaving melodies presented on "Don't Say You Love Me" (excellent vocals, chorus and keyboards parts), the silk aggressiveness of the guitars on "Shelter of the Night" and "Freedom Road", the aggressive guitar parts entangling with charming keyboards on "Overload" (the tempos are a bit slower than the previous songs, but the ambiance of the song is truly amazing), and the electric and full of energy "The Night" (fine work on bass guitar and drums on this one) are impossible to resist due their excellent charm, but the entire album is a fine piece of accessible and elegant music.

FORTUNE is really a great band, and "Fortune II" deserves to be heard at the loudest volume possible. Enjoy it as you can!

8 / 10









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"II" Track-listing:

1. Don't Say You Love Me
2. Shelter of the Night
3. Freedom Road
4. A Little Drop of Poison (For Amy W.)
5. What a Fool I've Been
6. Overload
7. Heart of Stone
8. The Night
9. New Orleans
10. All the Right Moves

Fortune Lineup:

Larry Greene - Vocals
Richard Fortune - Guitars
Mark Nilan - Keyboards
Ricky Rat - Bass
Mick Fortune - Drums

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