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Breathing Hate


Brazilian Metal scene is very fertile, and since the 80s, all lot of good bands […]
August 26, 2013
Forkill - Breathing Hate album cover

Brazilian Metal scene is very fertile, and since the 80s, all lot of good bands arose from it, with some great names as SEPULTURA, SARCÓFAGO, VIPER, ANGRA, KRISIUN and a lot of others, some of them never getting to be known as they really deserve. And from this lineage of great names, another one is getting into the Metal front to start riot acts: the Thrash Metal manic quartet FORKILL, with their first full length, the furious "Breathing Hate".

Coming from Rio de Janeiro and being one more member of the so called Guanabara Bay Metal scene, the band does Thrash Metal in the vein of San Francisco Bay Area, but using a more violent approach on guitar riffs, without losing the melodies, 'Lemmyan' grunt vocals, and a fine work of bass and drums, creating a more personal sound, full of energy and never sounding out-of-date.

The CD was produced by the veteran Brazilian guitar hero Robertinho Do Recife, who did a very good work, as the sound is clean and intense, so you can rear all the instruments without any problem, but the oppressive and crushing approach of music last until the very last moment. The artwork, in a paper sleeve package, in beautiful, in a fine work done by the band's guitarist Ronnie and the former drummer and founding member, Marcos Ava.

Seven tracks (we're not counting the three intros) compose the work, all of them having its own value, but at the first hearing, we can say that the tracks "Breathing Hate" (with a not higher velocity, but intense and catching and with good guitar riffs), "Vendetta" (pay attention to the very good of vocals), the fast and 'moshpiting' "The Joker", and their version to an old Brazilian Metal Classic, a Recife's song, "Metal Mania", with the presence of Roosevelt Bala and André Chamon (both from legendary band STRESS, the first Brazilian band to record a Metal album, back in 1982).

FORKILL is a great name, and for sure "Breathing Hate" will conquer every Metal fan who listens to it. But be careful: it makes your room walls tremble...

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Breathing Hate" Track-listing:

1. Frequency of Fear (intro)
2. Breathing Hate
3. Vendetta
4. Call to the War (intro)
5. War Dance
6. No Rules
7. The Joker
8. Brainwashed
9. Radio (intro)
10. Metal Mania

Forkill Lineup:

Joe Neto - Vocals, guitars
Ronnie Giehl - Guitars
Gus "Guzzy" NS - Bass
Mark Cozta - Drums

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