Lightning in the Ashes

Forged in Black

England gave to the world the three pillars of Metal (namely BLACK SABBATH, JUDAS PRIEST, […]
June 14, 2023
Forged in Black - Lightning in the Ashes album cover

England gave to the world the three pillars of Metal (namely BLACK SABBATH, JUDAS PRIEST, and MOTÖRHEAD), fathers and creators of everything a Metalhead claim to love in music; the country was the stage for the birth of NWOBHM and bring Metal from the dead, for British Death Metal scene and Black Metal scene of the 90s as well, and maybe these are proofs of why when an English band arises, the expectations can be enormous. But some deal with them in a very good way, as can be heard on "Lightning in the Ashes", the latest album of the OK based quintet FORGED IN BLACK.

Their musical work can be easily labeled as Modern traditional Heavy Metal, as it is heavy and thunderous, but melodic and hooking as well (and some traces of North American Power Metal and U. S. Metal traits can be heard on their songs as well). But in the way the quintet works, everything gains a new life, with energy and weight that can make the ears aches on those who aren't into the genre. It means that besides the genre isn't new at all, the guys are creating music in a different and personal way that will seduce the fans for sure. This is an album easy to fall in love with.

"Lightning to the Ashes" was recorded at the Essex Recording Studios, with James Curtis-Thomas working as producer, and Christian Wright mastered the songs at Abbey Road studios (please, don't ask why such info is so important), what results in a brutal and massive sonority, heavy and aggressive at the same time, but that allows the melodic aesthetics of the band to be heard and understood as well. And the artwork created by Dan Goldsworthy for the cover is really excellent, fitting on the band's musical core.

The album works in a great way since its early seconds, with ten homogeneous songs. But for a first time on these Forgers' music, one can check "Be One with Fire" (an aggressive song with a solid and well-worked instrumental sheath, and pay attention to the technical and heavy work of bass guitar and drums), "Lightning in the Ashes" (where the modern outfit of the band's music becomes entangled with NWOBHM melodies, and what strong and vibrant chorus and vocals), "Dusk Breather" (some Thrash Metal-like elements are mixed into their music, with nasty backing vocals and another excellent chorus), "War Torn Skull" (what abrasive catchy melodies contrasting with the band's natural aggressive insight based on very good guitar riffs and arrangements), "Chains of the Damned" (another mastodonic weighty moment, but prepare for one more melodic chorus), and "Hellucinator". These are the right ones for the first time, but this album really is addictive!

FORGED IN BLACK is really a very good act, and can be pointing for a new musical horizon with "Lightning in the Ashes".

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Lightning in the Ashes" Track-listing:

1. Be One with Fire
2. Lightning in the Ashes
3. Dusk Breather
4. Dark Lord Requiem
5. War Torn Skull
6. Chains of the Damned
7. Building a Beast
8. Brother's Keeper
9. Hellucinator
10. Detonation Ritual

Forged in Black Lineup:

Chris Stoz Storozynski - Vocals
Chris Bone - Guitars, Vocals
Andy Songhurst - Guitars
Kieron Rochester - Bass, Vocals
Kevin Rochester - Drums

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