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Death Metal can be the Metal subgenre that has the wider range of sonorities in […]
March 15, 2015
Forcefed Horsehead - Deux album cover

Death Metal can be the Metal subgenre that has the wider range of sonorities in terms of Metal. From melodic sounds to extremely brutal ones, from traditional to the most new thing you can think, Death Metal can be said as the Metal sub style that gives support to anything you can think of. But sometimes, we need bands with a more traditional way, in the same vein that names that came from Florida, Netherlands, and Sweden in the first years of the 90s. Bands like DISMEMBER, MORBID ANGEL, SINISTER, ENTOMBED, OBITUARY, UNLEASHED, ASPHYX, DEICIDE, GOREFEST, GOD DETHRONED, NAPALM DEATH, BOLT THROWER and many others, are pioneers of the whole thing, and there's nothing wrong with bands from our days to follow this way (but without being a clone, of course). And that's the way FORCEFED HORSEHEAD, from Norway, chose to be; to play and to unleash their musical fury. Their EP, "Deux", is a clear proof of what Big Daddy here wants to say.

Their sound is the old and good Death Metal, sometimes fast and brutal, other ones slower and bitter, but always heavy and aggressive, with some influences from 80's Hardcore, creating a personality for them. Vocals in guttural and harsh ways (but sounding a bit different from what we are used to hear), excellent guitar work (some riffs are astonishing), a rhythmic basis strong and powerful, but with good technique and heavy as Hell. And of course, the result is extremely good to our ears.

The sound quality is clear to the point you can understand everything they are playing with no difficulties, but keeping the sound heavy and abrasive.

It has seven good songs, and the best ones are "Doing the Dead", the heavy and bitter "Double Nuclear Winter" (a slow paced song, with some very good vocals and riffs), and "Bloodshine".

Of course they have a lot more to offer, but by now, it's good.

I really want to see these guys grow more and more!<

8 / 10


"Deux" Track-listing:

1. Eating is Divine
2. Doing the Dead
3. Double Nuclear Winter
4. An Ego of Cosmic Proportions
5. Bloodshine
6. Alcohol
7. Cock Lightning

Forcefed Horsehead Lineup:

Erik - Vocals
Patty - Guitars
Rikard - Guitars
Arve - Bass
Magnus - Drums

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