Shadow Realms


Well, sometimes we can see musicians with large experience into Metal doing other works. Yes, […]
February 13, 2016
Firespawn - Shadow Realms album cover

Well, sometimes we can see musicians with large experience into Metal doing other works. Yes, I spoke about this many times, because you, dear nephews and nieces, must have in mind clearly this idea: even with musicians in this way, the result of their works can be less than their names can support. And this is the case from FIRESPAWN, a Death Metal quintet from Sweden that arrives with their first album, "Shadow Realms".

On the band's line up, you can see names from musicians that played on ENTOMBED, ENTOMBED A.D., DARK FUNERAL, NECROPHOBIC, UNLEASHED, INFERNAL, SIEBENBÜRGEN and others. But the musical creativity that permeates their previous works is not present here as it must be. Of course it's not bad, but seeing the names above, we would expect great things. And that's not the case.

Here, we have a common way of playing Death Metal, extremely brutal and fast; yet it's common, like many good bands that we listen to now-a-days. There are very good elements on it, but the band really lacks of something that can make them different from many. Name on a shirt doesn't mean a thing (as we Brazilian already know since of national soccer team was defeated by Germany on the Soccer's World Cup of 2014), nothing can beat the creativity.

The sound quality is not bad. Lawrence Mackrory produced, mixed and mastered the album (having Fredrik Folkare along with him in the production). The way the sound is flowing from the speakers is aggressive and brutal, but clean in a way we can understand their songs with no problem at all.

But, besides all, they are talented; yes, their musical work on the album's song turns the hearing interesting, especially on songs as the violent "The Emperor", the brutal and slow "Lucifer Has Spoken" (some good riffs can be heard on this song, but the overall result could be way better), the hooking "All Hail" (this song could be perfect, because all the band is doing a great work, but I heard these same elements before), the agonizing fast "Ruination", and "Infernal Eternal". The others are good songs as well, but that feeling that "this band should be better than that" haunts us all.

I believe that they can do better than that, so let's hope in the future that something astonishing, that honor their importance, will come.

6 / 10

Had Potential

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"Shadow Realms" Track-listing:

1. The Emperor
2. Imperial Burning
3. Lucifer Has Spoken
4. Spirit Of The Black Tide
5. Contemplate Death
6. All Hail
7. Ruination
8. Necromance
9. Shadow Realms
10. Ginnunga
11. Infernal Eternal

Firespawn Lineup:

LG Petrov - Vocals
Victor Brandt - Guitars
Fredrik Folkare - Guitars
A. Impaler - Bass
Matte Modin - Drums

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