Of Death and Sin

Final Breath

Does a band must really play something strikingly new to make a good album? This […]
December 21, 2018
Final Breath - Of Death and Sin album cover

Does a band must really play something strikingly new to make a good album? This is a rhetorical question, but the answer is no. You can say that MEGADETH created something personal that sounds like MEGADETH, but Thrash Metal already existed when the band started, and that explains this matter. And although the German quartet FINAL BREATH isn't playing something really new at all, "Of Death and Sin" is a very good album.

This blend of Death Metal (with clear influence from DEATH on "Leprosy" and "Spiritual Healing" ages) and Thrash Metal isn't new; all have heard it countless times before. But the greater difference is that under this fine attack of excellent guitar riffs and solos, solid work from bass guitar and drums, and nasty aggressive voices, there's a ferocious and strong personality pulsing. And it turns the listening of "Of Death and Sin" into a pleasurable experience.

Jörg Breitenbach and Heiko Krumpholz worked as producers of the album, having Peter Tägtgren on the mixing and mastering (and Jonas Kjellgren worked with him on the mastering). So, the sound quality of "Of Death and Sin" is really excellent, being clean, heavy and aggressive at the same time, with fine instrumental tunes that allows the listener to hear clearly their melodies.

All the songs are fine pieces of Metal, all showing something that can get more fans. But "Yearning for Next Murder" with fine technical aggressiveness (very good guitar riffs appear on this song), the charming slow tempos of "Born Against" (excellent rhythmic conductions), the catchy guitar melodies of "Immemorial Disease", the bitter harmonies and evident Death Metal essence of "...When Finally Mighty Kings Fall", and the short and high adrenaline dose of "Illega-lie-sating" (very good vocals indeed) can be named as their finest songs of the album.

As written in the beginning, "Of Death and Sin" isn't the most strikingly album of all times, but of course FINAL BREATH is a very good band, so listen to it out loud!

8 / 10









"Of Death and Sin" Track-listing:

1. Babylon C. E.
2. Yearning for Next Murder
3. Agonized, Zombiefied, Necrotized
4. Born Against
5. Immemorial Disease
6. Tear Me from My Dreams
7. ...When Finally Mighty Kings Fall
8. Illega-lie-sating
9. Chaos Unity
10. Annihilation

Final Breath Lineup:

Patrick Gajda - Vocals
Jörg Breitenbach - Guitars
Thomas Wissel - Bass
Heiko Krumpholz - Drums

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