The Third Secret

Fifth Angel

Oh, the 80's were was a time with a happy atmosphere and hope was […]
November 10, 2018
Fifth Angel - The Third Secret album cover

Oh, the 80's were was a time with a happy atmosphere and hope was everywhere. Maybe that's the reason for many Metal bands in USA created the so called "US Metal." Yes, Metal with melodies from Hard Rock and very good technique, and some bands used a refined technique from the fusion of Metal with Progressive Rock. And doing that, a legend rises once more: FIFTH ANGEL, from Seattle, and after almost 30 years, is releasing their third album, "The Third Secret".

The band's line up on the recording is filled with three members from the past, so it's easy to understand that it's like they never broke up. It's the same heavy and technical US Metal with Progressive Rock influences, and those charming melodies that are easy to be assimilated by our senses. All is back, even the energy, the musical arrangements, the catchy choruses, but they aren't living in the past, because the use modern techs to bring their music to the present. And let me tell you: they still have a lot of to show!

Ken (the band's drummer and one of the founders of FIFTH ANGEL) produced the album and did its mix as well, leaving the mastering to Brad Blackwood. All these efforts were done to bring their music to our days with the same energy and features from the 80's. And a fine and wonderful sound quality is heard, bearing the right amounts of weight, clarity, aggressiveness and with very good instrumental tunes as well.

On the songs, we can hear clearly that FIFTH ANGEL still bears the trademark sound from US Metal bands from the 80's, even with the modern outfit due the recording techs. And "Stars are Falling" (charming melodies and an incredibly catchy chorus, with a great work from bass guitar and drums), "We Will Rise" (that show those tempos that US Metal bands bears), "Queen of Thieves" (another song with some features that are common on US Metal essence, and excellent guitars can be heard as well), "Can You Hear Me" (a heavy Power Ballad with an introspective and melancholic touch), "This is War" (a Hard 'n' Roll song with a modern catching heavy rhythmic work), and "Shame on You" and "Hearts of Stone" (both with that melodic and accessible touch that we can hear on many Metal bands from the 80's, an inheritance from melodic Hard Rock from the 70's, and on both you can hear great melodies and charming vocals).

If you liked their previous albums, "The Third Secret" is for you and all Metal fans with good taste. But if you know their work due "Time Will Tell" video song, you'll love it as well. This Angel still flies with Metal wings!

10 / 10









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"The Third Secret" Track-listing:

1. Stars are Falling
2. We Will Rise
3. Queen of Thieves
4. Dust to Dust
5. Can You Hear Me
6. This is War
7. Fatima
8. The Third Secret
9. Shame on You
10. Hearts of Stone

Fifth Angel Lineup:

Kendall Bechtel - Guitars, Vocals
John Macko - Bass
Ken Mary - Drums, Backing Vocals

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