If you're a Folk Rock, Medieval Rock, Folk Metal or any other label you care about fan, this German band's music is for you! Enjoy both the -re-recordings and the new songs!
April 18, 2024

In a European point of view, Folk Metal and Folk Rock are tendencies with deep cultural roots. It’s obvious that acts as SKYCLAD, CRUACHAN, MÄGO DE OZ, AMORPHIS, IN EXTREMO, PRIMORDIAL, CORVUS CORAX and others contributed a lot with the development of the genre (again, the attentions are turned to European Folk Metal/Rock tendencies, because ‘Folk’ defines a cultural feature that varies from country to country, and even from continent to continent), but many others did the same. And with 20 years of experience on its shoulders, the German act FEUERSCHWANZ is here again with their latest release, “Warriors”, a celebration for such special date.

For an experienced act, this album presents the sonority expected: clean and defined for boosting the understanding of what’s being expressed by the band (especially because they use an ample set of musical instruments along with the traditional guitars, bass guitar and drums). But as it’s a Rock album, it depicts that essential aggressiveness that comes from the distortion and instrumental tunes. And to balance it all isn’t an easy task, but things works in a great way, indeed. And the band had some guests on the vocals for some songs: Seeb Levermann (of ANGUS MCSIX and ORDEN OGAN), Felix Heldt (of DOMINUM), Chris Harms (of LORD OF THE LOST), Francesco Cavalieri (of WIND ROSE), and Patty Gurdy (a solo artist and who plays on PATTY GURDY’S CIRCLE as well, known for her guest appearances with ALESTORM, AYREON and SCARDUST). The band’s musical work is called Medieval Rock (that’s mainly focused on Germany), what in reality is a subgenre of Folk Rock. So the hearers will not feel great differences between the labels (and to be honest, to Hell with labels!). The band’s music sounds accessible, catchy and full of energy, with the basic instruments of Rock ‘n’ Roll (namely, guitars, bass guitar, keyboards and drums) being used along violins, Hurdy-Gurdy, flutes, bagpipes, contrasts between male and female vocals, and all working in an almost perfect and honest way. And by the way, what energy comes from this album!

On the songs, one must be aware that “Warriors” is a celebration for the 20th birthday, so it has only two new songs: the ‘tons-of-fun’ “The Unholy Grail” (that has an amazing set of melodies, a great melodic bowl, and what lovely vocals and guitars), and the version they created for “Valhalla Calling” of MIRACLE OF SOUND, here in a more heavier and metalized outfit (due the sharp guitars and with thunderous bass guitar and drums, and ). The others are re-recorded versions (some being sung on English for the first) of older hits of the band: “Highlander” (lovely melodic hooks in an extremely fun song with charming Folk/Medieval elements from the instruments), “The Forgotten Commandment” (again excellent vocals and fine melodies, with a perfect sheath created by the bag pipes), “Memento Mori” (it has something from German Rock acts due the tunes of the vocals and some atmospheric parts, and what great chorus), “Death on the Dragonship” (if you want to enjoy some fun, this track is the right one due its accessible melodic appeal), “Wardwarf” (that brings some modern Rock elements due the aggressive and nasty tunes used on the guitars), “Circlepit of Hell” (where the Folk/Medieval diminishes to increase the Rock ‘n’ Roll side of the band’s music), “Song of Ice and Fire” (if you want to enjoy some fun, this track is the right one due its accessible melodic appeal 2), and for the best for you, hear and enjoy “Purgatory”, “Bastard of Asgard” and “SGFRD Dragonslayer” as well. Such re-recordings are really excellent (and do not bother yourself in making comparison with the originals, just enjoy)!

“Warriors” is a ‘must-have’ item for Folk Metal, Folk Rock, Medieval Rock and ‘what-the-fuck-else-of-labels’ fans. In reality, the musical work of FEUERSCHWANZ is for anyone that has a good musical taste and no constrains due musical labels…

10 / 10









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"Warriors" Track-listing:
  1. Highlander (English version)
  2. The Unholy Grail
  3. The Forgotten Commandment
  4. Memento Mori (English version)
  5. Death on the Dragonship
  6. Wardwarf
  7. Circlepit of Hell
  8. Song of Ice and Fire
  9. Purgatory
  10. Bastard of Asgard
  11. SGFRD Dragonslayer (English version)
  12. Valhalla Calling
Feuerschwanz Lineup:

Hauptmann - Vocals, Guitars
Johanna - Violin, Hurdy-Gurdy
Hodi - Flutes, Bagpipes, Guitars, Vocals
Hans - Guitars
Jarne - Bass
Rollo - Drums
Musch Musch - Dance & Performance
Myu - Dance & Performance

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