In Through the Out Doot


If the readers could travel back in time, to the beginning of the Glam Metal […]
February 9, 2019
Ferrett - In Through the Out Door album cover

If the readers could travel back in time, to the beginning of the Glam Metal age in the USA, some of the earlier albums from successful bands would sound pretty heavy as Heavy Metal bands. QUIET RIOT's "Metal Health", "Too Fast for Love" and "Shout at the Devil" from MÖTLEY CRÜE and DOKKEN's "Breaking the Chains" are fine examples of how things were before the record labels and musical producers softened things. And the New York based quintet FERRET follows a trend like this one described above, and these maniacs are here with their second album, "In Through the Out Door".

It's a mix between old traditional Heavy Metal with the catchy aspects of Glam Metal earlier age. Of course, these guys will have the extreme feminists running behind them due their sexist and womanizing lyrics and outfit. But their music is really outrageous, nasty, melodic, charming and created to be in a way that it's heavy and aggressive, but seductive in their melodies. And it's excellent in this way! Their sound quality is near what we can expect from a Sleazy Metal/Rock: nasty in some points, clean on others, because it's a part of their musical genre. But you can have the best of their songs in this way, because the instrumental tunes were recorded to sound aggressive and ferocious, but the clear insight guided the producer as well. So, you have the best from both worlds in a single album.

"In Through the Out Door" is that kind of album that must be heard out loud in the extreme sound volume possible. So lock up your sisters and daughters, hide your mamas and girlfriends, for these sick and nasty Metal ferrets came for them, as they state on songs as the heavy and grasping "Year of the Ferret" (excellent chorus and backing vocals, but the melodic lines are amazing), the aggressive Sleazy Rock harmonies of "Thirsty" (these vocals with such sick tunes are amazing, including the chorus), the funny and hilarious "Boys' Night Out (On Gay Street)" (if you can stay in the place during this song, you're a mummy, because the accessible melodies and good heavy work from bass guitar and drums can't be resisted), the heavy and technical "Canadian Hookers" (a slowdown Sleazy Rock song with tempos that are great, showing a very good technique on bass guitar and drums, but the backing vocals are great as well), "Jobber" and its excellent guitar riffs and solos, and the raw energy that flows from "Orangutan Gigantus" and "In Through the Out Door". Once more: if you won't bang your head or don't like it, you're dead.

FERRETT comes in a great moment, and along STEEL PANTHER are the resistance against the moralists of political correctness and other boring people. Hear and buy "In Through the Out Door" at any cost!

10 / 10









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"In Through the Out Doot" Track-listing:

1. Year of the Ferret
2. Thirsty
3. Boys' Night Out (On Gay Street)
4. Canadian Hookers
5. On My Way
6. Jason Lives
7. Jobber
8. Casual Encounters
9. Orangutan Gigantus
10. In Through the Out Door

Ferrett Lineup:

The King of the Night Time World - Vocals
TT Benoit - Guitars
Scotty Hart - Guitars
Lex Slade - Bass
Hollywood Hoefel - Drums

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