Fallen Arise

The label "Gothic Metal" has fallen and not used for many years. Maybe the reason […]
December 23, 2015
Fallen Arise - Adeline album cover

The label "Gothic Metal" has fallen and not used for many years. Maybe the reason is the truth: it doesn't make any sense at all. Gothic Rock is far away from what many can think. Some bands we called this way play a deeper and depressive way of Metal, or an elegant form of Symphonic Metal with introspective elements. And a good name on this last one is from Greek sextet, FALLEN ARISE, and they show us that the Greece Metal scene is not only done by extreme Metal bands. Just a little hearing on their new album, "Adeline", and you'll understand for sure what I mean.

It's that melodic and tender Symphonic Metal, done with a very good contrast between male and female voices, and a grandiose music with pompous keyboards, but of course there are moments where their heavy musical tendency is evident. Of course, some heavy riffs and thunderous rhythmic session are present, and some more aggressive moments appear here and there, and their technical way of playing and personality turn their work really good.

Their musical personality is evident due the sound quality of "Adeline". It's intense, heavy and elegant, but the clearness, an important feature from Symphonic Metal bands, is present. So we can hear their songs and understand what each musical instrument is playing.

"The Curse of Adeline" (with its great and elegant keyboards, along with fine vocals contrasts and energetic tempos), the tender and melodramatic "We're Becoming Gods" (filled with an introspective atmosphere, good rhythmic changes and excellent work done on bass guitar and drums. And take a good hearing at the chorus), the grandiose and heavily aggressive, "The Heart of the Damned" (great drumming!), the accessible "White Crystal Angel", the long and full of rhythmic variations "As Far the Memory Remains" and the introspective and beautiful, "Oceans of Time" are their best moments in an album that is near perfection. Yes, their musical efforts created a good sample of heavy and good taste.

Hear it one, two or endless times, because it's addicting!<

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Adeline" Track-listing:

1. Prologue in D Minor
2. The Curse of Adeline
3. We're Becoming Gods
4. Divine Bride
5. Silent Weeping
6. The Heart of the Damned
7. My Last Breath
8. White Crystal Angel
9. Funeral
10. Music Box
11. As Far the Memory Remains
12. Oceans of Time
13. Epilogue

Fallen Arise Lineup:

Chris - Vocals
Spyla - Female Vocals
Frangiskos - Guitars
Gus Dibelas - Keyboards
Aggelos Mal - Bass
Thanos - Drums

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