Through Life and Death

Eyes Wide Open

As time is passing by, the preconceptions against Modern Metal genres are diminishing. The explanation […]
February 25, 2022
Eyes Wide Open - Through Life and Death album cover

As time is passing by, the preconceptions against Modern Metal genres are diminishing. The explanation is simple: old Metalheads, who have difficulties to accept the new genres, are travelling to the other side, and the young ones (used to these tendencies) are still here. It's a scientific concept used to explain why modern theories win, because things changes. And an act as the Swedish quartet EYES WIDE OPEN deserves respect, because their work shown on "Through Life and Death" is excellent.

They combine the core of some modern Metal genres as Metalcore with aspects of Swedish Melodic Death Metal (what brings into the mix influences of traditional Heavy Metal and even from Hard Rock, as can be heard on the backing vocals of "Burn 'Em"), and the result is a catchy and aggressive form of Metal with careful and catchy melodies contrasting with the magmatic aggressiveness of the modern tendencies. It's really a great experience to hear such good work, and as it seems to be their fifth work, it's mature and balanced perfectly in all musical elements they use. The production was done in a form that the sonority of the album is really great: clean and defined (opening hand from the greasy sonority that is usual to the genre), aggressive and heavy, creating a fine balance between these aspects. So anyone can have the best of their music easily. And the band has two guests: Richard Sjunnesson and Jonathan Thorpenberg appear on "Echoes".

It's really a great set of songs that the album brings to the fans. But the melodic appeal shown on "Devastation" (the combination between aggressive guitars with melodic keyboards is excellent), the mix between Metalcore and Melodic Death Metal aspects of "Fallout", the charming melodic accessibility of "Burn 'Em" (excellent contrasts between harsh and clean vocals, and the backing vocals and choirs inherited from Glam Metal are perfectly set during the changes between aggressive and melodic parts) and on "End of Days" (another fine mix between Metalcore and Melodic Death Metal with charming and technical guitars), the load of melancholy entwined with melodies of "Through Life and Death", the deeper introspective appeal of "Eraser", the massive modern and melodic weight of "Wildfire" and "Echoes" are the right ones to dive into the album.

Yes, "Through Life and Death" is a refreshing blow of wind in the Modern Metal scene, so enjoy what EYES WIDE OPEN offers to you all.

10 / 10









"Through Life and Death" Track-listing:

1. World on Fire
2. Devastation
3. Fallout
4. Burn 'Em
5. End of Days
6. Through Life and Death
7. Eraser
8. Brother
9. Wildfire
10. Echoes (Feat. Richard Sjunnesson + Jonathan Thorpenberg)
11. Where Death Meets Paradise
12. Bridge to the Future

Eyes Wide Open Lineup:

Erik Engstrand - Vocals
Kristofer Strandberg - Guitars
Jesper Lindgren - Bass
Lucas Freise - Drums

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