Every Hour Kills

Every Hour Kills

In the search for a new way into Metal and Rock and Roll as a […]
November 3, 2015
Every Hour Kills - Every Hour Kills album cover

In the search for a new way into Metal and Rock and Roll as a whole style became a search for the Holy Grail: difficult, and sometimes it's a great trial. But obviously, there are tons of bands trying it a lot, both on aggressive side of Metal, as in a melodic and more commercial trend on Rock. And from Canada, comes the quartet EVERY HOUR KILLS, a melodic Rock quartet that is trying to find a particular way to play, as their EP "Every Hour Kills".

Using a melodic insight and some effects to modernize their music, they are in a trend that is not in Metal, besides some arrangements are truly heavy and aggressive in some few moments. No, they are far from it, and are nearer to something near the Pop Rock and AOR. No, this isn't an offense to their work, because Big Daddy here doesn't want to offend anyone. I'm just telling the truth, and besides some fans could turn their heads, but they are good in the way they have chosen to be.

The sound quality signs to a production where the clearness was the main objective. Yes, they sound in a very clean way, what makes their music accessible to a broader public. But as I told above, some arrangements are aggressive, so there is some weight presented (if you pay attention on the tunes used for the drums and some guitars, you'll understand what I mean).

Their best moments are when they gather together, influences from their more accessible insight with some aggressive moments, as we can hear on "Chosen" (including some harsh vocals and very good riffs), and "SaviourS" (very good rhythmic changes in the work done on rhythmic session). These are their finest moments,

Good work, indeed, but they have potential to make better than we hear here.

7 / 10


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"Every Hour Kills" Track-listing:

1. Chosen
2. Deliver Us
3. Saviours
4. One Reason
5. Almost Human

Every Hour Kills Lineup:

Jerrod Maxwell-Lyster - Vocals
Sacha Laskow - Guitars, Programming
Brent Stutsky - Bass
Robert Shawcross - Drums

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