Court of the Tyrant King (Reissue)


In 1987, HELLOWEEN couldn't think the strength that "Keeper of the Seven Keys Part I" […]
November 8, 2022
Evermore - Court of the Tyrant King (Reissue) album cover

In 1987, HELLOWEEN couldn't think the strength that "Keeper of the Seven Keys Part I" would have in the future, as a monolith to the new generations. It felt like an atomic bomb and 'resurrected' the label Power Metal to define that set of elements that they gathered to create a new expression in Metal. And even today, 35 years after the album was released, its echoes can be heard, as on "Court of the Tyrant King", the first album of the Swedish trio EVERMORE.

Yes, the trio runs into a classic form of Power Metal, and all those elements: fast drumming sometimes, melodic scent clear (with melodies that are hard to forget once heard), the instrumental tunes waited from a band of the genre, the choruses, the refined care in the arrangements, and all of those clichés of the genre, wisely use by the band. It's nothing really astonishing new and different, nor a redefinition of the whole musical genre. No, it's just and honest and good release, full of energy and that deserves to be heard, even with they having to sharp their efforts in the future) talent for that they have, it's clear for the ears). The production worked in a form to create something that could be clean and defined but bearing the essential dose of weight that the genre's releases must bear (it's a form of Metal, after all). And all worked in a very good level, allowing the band to express its songs in a good way that can be understand by the fans. And Julia Pezo and Emilia Heiderup are the invited guests on the vocals on the album.

Even with the clichés and the need to mature their efforts, the trio shows some memorable moments to the fans of Power Metal, as "Call of the Wild" (a fast song, but pay attention to the guitar's arrangements and the vocals on the chorus, and the hooks are amazing), "Rising Tide" (a classic Power Metal song, with a delicious melodic ambience and a very good work on bass guitar and drums, even without those fast tempos), "Court of the Tyrant King" (this one bears some Opera-like vocals and orchestrations similar to what BLIND GUARDIAN is up to, but this song is rich in different ambiences and with vocals fitting perfectly on them), "See No Evil" (a song with improvements on the heavier side of the trio's music, with careful melodies set in strategic moments), and "My Last Command". This set can be used to begin with, but the entire album shows a promising name, and fuck off if they're not making something new at all, because it's really very good.

If you're disappointed with the later releases of the older bands, the truth is clear: "Court of the Tyrant King" is for you, and as EVERMORE is a young band, maybe they're the one you're looking for.

8 / 10









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"Court of the Tyrant King (Reissue)" Track-listing:

1. Hero's Journey
2. Call of the Wild
3. Rising Tide
4. Court of the Tyrant King
5. Northern Cross
6. See No Evil
7. My Last Command
8. By Death Reborn

Evermore Lineup:

Johan Haraldsson - Vocals
Johan Karlsson - Guitars, Bass, Piano, Orchestrations
Andreas Vikland - Drums, Backing Vocals

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