Black Metal Excommunication

Eternal Majesty

Maybe sometimes people don't pay attention for this, but trained ears can say from where […]
December 30, 2020
Eternal Majesty - Black Metal Excommunication album cover

Maybe sometimes people don't pay attention for this, but trained ears can say from where a band comes from due the national features a Metal scene presents. In Black Metal, it's truly evident, because Norwegian Black Metal isn't the same as Swedish Black Metal, and both are different from French Black Metal as well. There's something on the bands that becomes a national tradition, as can be heard on ETERNAL MAJESTY's "Black Metal Excommunication".

Their musical work is the old and good French Black Metal, but in an evolved form. It means that is based on BATHORY's "Under the Sign of the Black Mark" and "Blood Fire Death" times, with some melancholic and morbid melodies, but with a harsh aggressive impact. It can't be said as a release in LLN ways, but inherited the melancholic of it (hear the deeper parts of "L'appel de Neptune / Éternelle Majesté" and hear what these words mean). It's good and personal, and has that Black Metal somber appeal that the fans love. As usual, the sonority of the album is harsh and crude, but always having in mind that the listeners must understand what they're expressing (for today isn't the beginning of the 80's, and the lack of proper conditions for recording were extremely expensive). A fine sound quality, besides the band's music deserves something great.

The band's musical identity is clear during all the songs, but it's impossible to a Black Metal fan to resist to their musical efforts shown on "L'appel de Neptune / Éternelle Majesté" (an aggressive song tempered with Old School charming melodies similar to what LORD BELIAL and DISSECTION used on their early days, especially due the contrasts created by the guitars and keyboards), "Excommunication" (a brutal song that uses traditional Black metal tempos, with a strong set of rhythmic changes, what show how bass guitar and drums are precious in these moments), "Les Damnés" (a melancholic form of traditional Black Metal, with deeper melodies created by the keyboards parts), and "Aux Portes du Temple Noir" (very good vocals, and a very good set of tunes of voices can be heard as well). Well, it's a catchy Black Metal release, indeed.

Although ETERNAL MAJESTY is a veteran act, "Black Metal Excommunication" is just their third album, so enjoy and begin to follow the band (and to buy their albums as well).

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Black Metal Excommunication" Track-listing:

1. L'appel de Neptune / Éternelle Majesté
2. Excommunication
3. Les Damnés
4. L'aube Sanglante
5. Aux Portes du Temple Noir
6. L'appel de Neptune (Part. II)

Eternal Majesty Lineup:

Navint Alfius - Vocals
Martyr - Guitars
Sagoth - Bass
Crucifier - Keyboards
Thorgon - Drums

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