Below the Lightless Heavens

Eternal Autumn

The throne of Melodic Death/Thrash Metal has a strong name for its heir on this Swedish trio!
June 6, 2024

It’s a reality that DISSECTION’s ending was a great loss to the Metal scene, and that it left many orphan fans, because their musical approach into Melodic Black Metal (or Blackened Death Metal, as some like to label the band’s music) was extremely personal (obviously due the melodic appeal inherited from JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN and NWOBHM acts as well mixed with Old School Thrash/Black Metal traces). Since then, the fans are looking for a name that could take the banner of the genre. And even without being far from being a copy of it, for sure the name of the Swedish trio ETERNAL AUTUMN is surely one to be taken seriously in such matter, because what is expressed on “Below the Lightless Heavens” enables the trio to be a strong candidate for such vacant place.

Recorded during the years of 2021 and 2023, the songs of the album were mixed and mastered by Thomas Ahlgren (the band’s lead guitarist). The result is something old fashioned, in a vein that could be traced by to the early ‘lo-fi’ sonorities of Black Metal and Death/Black Metal acts of the 90s. It works and fits on the band’s music, but’s understandable to the fans that are used to such ways. And the darkened artwork of Henrik Gallon reinforces the idea that this is an extreme Metal act (but with some traces that reminds the Psychedelic Rock arts of the 60s and 70s).

As the songs play, the idea that this Melodic Death/Thrash trio can reclaim the throne of Blackened Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal or any other label the readers can think of left vacant becomes stronger: it’s melodic and darkened, with a very good instrumental care on the arrangements and fine screams on the vocals. But once again: the trio isn’t copying anyone, but expressing their songs in a personal way that is different from the usual (very good leads and arrangements brings that Old School Heavy Metal melodic feelings, including twin guitars harmonies heard on “Först Havet, Sedan Intet” depict such thing). It’s really something that can make the heart of older extreme Metal fans’ hearts beat stronger.

As their third album, “Below the Lightless Heavens” shows a moment full of inspiration, and no one can complain about moments as “Först Havet, Sedan Intet” (a clear Swedish Melodic Death/Thrash Metal song with a somber feeling filled with melancholic ambiences created by the guitar arrangements and leads), “Autumn Gale” (this one bears that Old School German Thrash/Black Metal appeal, contrasting with charming melodies in a NWOBHM way, with very good arrangements on bass guitar and drums), “Meet Us at the Crossroad” (the acoustic intro opens a darkened exhibition of slow tempos with melancholic guitar riffs that entangle the hearers easily, with some whispered vocals, and what lovely melodic guitar lead), “Empty Pages on a Dusty Shelf” (another melancholically oppressive song, with somber ambiences and slow tempos, with very good screams of the vocals), “Lived Once, Buried Twice” (this one has that essential Rock ‘n’ Roll/Hardcore appeal inherited from HELLHAMMER/CELTIC FROST, but into a personal embodiment), and… No, no and NO! Hear to “This Charming Deceiver”, “Month of the Crow” and “Carrier of Sunken Dreams” as well, because there are no expandable parts on the album! It’s pure darkened love at first hearing! And look I am, because I have in hands their two songs EP “Meet Us at the Crossroad” in hands (as a bonus, I believe), with the title track (described above) and the melodic and darkened instrumental “Upon the Misty Fields...”, take from the same sessions of the album.

“Below the Lightless Heavens” is a wonderful release for the Old School extreme Metal tendencies (and even for those that just have a good musical taste and that don’t care about genres), and ETERNAL AUTUMN is a band that deserves that greater labels would fight to release their albums.

10 / 10









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"Below the Lightless Heavens" Track-listing:
  1. Först Havet, Sedan Intet
  2. Autumn Gale
  3. Meet Us at the Crossroad
  4. Empty Pages on a Dusty Shelf
  5. Lived Once, Buried Twice
  6. This Charming Deceiver
  7. Month of the Crow
  8. Carrier of Sunken Dreams
Eternal Autumn Lineup:

John Carlsson - Vocals, Rhythm Guitars, Bass
Thomas Ahlgren - Guitars
Lawrence Dinamarca - Drums

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