When Denmark name is spoken into the Metal scene, the first name that fans think […]
November 28, 2015
Essence - Prime album cover

When Denmark name is spoken into the Metal scene, the first name that fans think about is MERCYFUL FATE and the projects where their musicians, as well as the Thrash Metal maniacs from ARTILLERY. Of course many names came from those lands, but strangely, besides the tradition on this country into Metal is great, is extremely rare to see a band becoming a great name on the underground scene. I really can't understand the reasons, but some good names appear on Denmark from time to time. And we can state that ESSENCE is a good name, indeed, as their new album, "Prime", is here to proof.

Playing a Thrash Metal style that can reminds us all from names as old METALLICA on their "...And Justice for All" times, ANTHRAX and TESTAMENT. What I mean: it's a aggressive from of music, but done with very good melodies inherited from traditional Heavy Metal, with a very good technical approach. Using good vocals with aggressive normal tunes (and some good backing vocals), catching and strong guitar riffs and very good solos, and a fine and heavy rhythmic kitchen, that knows how to use a good technical insight without losing the musical weight, they really aren't doing something new or different, but is good and has personality.

Rune Rask did the production and mixed the album, and the mastering was done by Svante Forsbäck (who previously mastered works from  KORPIKLAANI, DEATH SS, DRAGONFORCE and others). And the work done by this duo on the studio reflects in a good and powerful sound quality, being heavy and clean in the due proportions, so we get their best.

The strong and aggressive "Refuse to Exist" (with some harsh and technical guitar riffs, the abrasive and whipping "No Sleep 'till Def" (with a very hooking tempo, extremely tasteful guitar solos and very aggressive vocals), the charming and tender "Heart of Gold" (a bit more melodic than the others, almost a traditional Heavy Metal song, again with very good work from guitars), the excellent "Untouchable" (what a wonderful work from the band as an unit, with slow tempos, abrasive vocals, great riffs and solos, and powerful rhythmic section), and "Prime" (a song full of rhythmic changes, with some very good vocals once more) can be named as their finest moments on the album. But don't throw away the other songs, but they are very good as well.

These guys have the potential to be great in a near future.

8 / 10


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"Prime" Track-listing:

1. Refuse to Exist
2. Thunder Prayer
3. No Sleep 'till Def
4. Heart of Gold
5. Modern Heroes
6. Untouchable
7. Flawless
8. Prime
9.Watch It Burn
10. Triumph

Essence Lineup:

Lasse Skov - Vocals, guitars
Mark Drastrup - Lead guitars
Rasmus Kalke - Bass
Nikolaj Kjærgaard - Drums

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