De Facto De Jure


“De Facto De Jure” is a release for Thrash Metal fans who are open for traditional Folk music
April 24, 2024

ESODIC were formed in 2002 in Amman, Jordan. They relocated later to Los Angeles, California. The Thrash Metal band released so far one EP. Their sophomore EP “De Facto De Jure” has a length of about 13 minutes. It is an independent release. As you might expect, the sound of ESODIC is strongly influenced by their Arabian origin and the melodic framework of the opening track “Consequence” is inspired by oriental Folk music. If something goes hand in hand, then it is the connection between Thrash Metal and oriental melodies. It is a mid-tempo track with slight variations and tight Thrash Metal riffing. The harsh vocals are around the medium end of the vocal range with a few tonal shifts to either end of the range. The track has the genre typical ingredients, it has the aggression, the directness, and as mentioned, the melodies fit perfectly in. “Dirge” starts with a traditional Folk pre-lude transitioning into a powerful track at a measured tempo with an almost stomping, head-banging rhythm. The riffing is thunderous, and the track is a mixture between the Thrash riffing and the Folk instruments. The vocals are growls and are often at the deeper end of the guttural range. “Dirge” has been released as video, and the YouTube link is provided below.

Reign” is another mixture of Thrash Metal and traditional Folk Metal. It is a fast track and there are a few Death Metal elements added to the mix, such as the hammering blast-beats. Regarding the drumming, the track is a combination of blast-beats and double-bass attacks. The riffing is not the classical Thrash riffing, there are a lot of Grooves put into as well. The track is mainly driven by the Folk instruments and the relentless drumming. The EP closes with the title track. It is the fastest track of the EP, and the riffing is more influenced by progressive elements than by Thrash Metal. Opposite to the other track, the Folk influences join into during the chorus parts only. Highlight of the track is the extended lead guitar solo. As time goes on, the traditional Folk melodies become more and more dominant and drive the track forward. It is a fitting end to the release.

ESODIC release an interesting EP. Their sound is a mixture of traditional Arabian Folk music and Thrash Metal. While the Thrash Metal sound of ESODIC is quite versatile and offers progressive and Groove Metal influences, the Folk elements are framed to traditional oriental melodies. The downside of this concept is, that there is hardly any change, and overall, the tracks sound quite similar. The production is a bit muddy at times. “De Facto De Jure” is not a release for the Thrash Metal mainstream. The EP has their moments and Thrash Metal fans open for traditional Folk music will surely dig this release.

7 / 10









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"De Facto De Jure" Track-listing:
  1. Consequence
  2. Dirge
  3. Reign
  4. De Facto, De Jure
Esodic Lineup:

Michael Nolasco Vocals, Guitars

Zed Amarin Drums

Kevin McCombs Bass, Vocals

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