Enio Nicolini and the Otron

Musical conceptions can be ripped apart by new ideas that can arise in any moments […]
May 9, 2019
Enio Nicolini and the Otron - Cyberstorm album cover

Musical conceptions can be ripped apart by new ideas that can arise in any moments of history. There's no rules in music, so the fans must be aware (although there are those boring people that are addicted to mold, and love to stay in the past), because something different can appear. To live without having any conception that isn't "I like Metal" is the best way, because only with such approach you can assimilate the work from the Italian quartet ENIO NICOLINI AND THE OTRON on "Cyberstorm", their first work.

The quartet was to be another musical project from the bassist Enio Nicolini, but now is a full band. It can sound like a Progressive Metal band with some elements of Avant-garde music and even from Industrial. It's really technical in many parts (the bass guitar is playing into a Jazz way during the entire album), but not extremely difficult to be swallowed by the listener. Yes, it's different and unusual sometimes, but filled with a massive energy as well. The production had a hard time to associate the Progressive influences with the experimental touches with the natural born aggressiveness of their music, but it worked pretty fine, organizing everything with a fine mixing and mastering. It's heavy and aggressive, but using a clear insight, with a very good choice for the set of instrumental tunes used during the recording sessions.

It's not a hard work to like "Cyberstorm" and its Sci-fi outfit (the main theme of the band's lyrics), but the title song with its hypnotizing rhythm, "Ramses W45" with its catching harsh melodies (and excellent work on bass guitar), the Progressive chaotic approach of "5th Dimension" (fine vocals, indeed), the brutal and heavy touch on "Anthios", and the energy of the somber "Night of the Hunt" are the best moments of the album. Although ENIO NICOLINI AND THE OTRON has a set of strong names to compete with inside the musical way they play, "Cyberstorm" is really a very good beginning for a band.

8 / 10









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"Cyberstorm" Track-listing:

1. Cyberstorm
2. Ramses W45
3. Planet X
4. 5th Dimension
5. Warp Machine
6. ISS Armada
7. Anthios
8. Nanoids in My Head
9. Night of the Hunt
10. Timeless Love

Enio Nicolini and the Otron Lineup:

Ben Spinazzola - Vocals
Enio Nicolini - Bass
Former Lee Warner - Keyboards, Samples
Sergio Ciccoli - Drums

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