Eternal War


In many occasions, people have the tendency to think that the South America Metal scene […]
November 23, 2018
Energema - Eternal War album cover

In many occasions, people have the tendency to think that the South America Metal scene is only done by extreme Metal bands. That's not right, because there are thousands of bands into the more melodic genres of Metal, but they're not as know as they deserve. And from Colombia comes ENERGEMA, a young quintet that is releasing their third album, "Eternal War".

Musically, they're in a German Power Metal way, taking inspiration of names as HELLOWEEN, GAMMA RAY and EDGUY. It's not something new or a new Metal genre being born, and the band still has some naivety, but it doesn't mean that the album isn't good or that they're not talented. The band is only three years old (yes, they're releasing an album per year since the band was born, a very rare feature in these present times), so it's something expected. But pay attention how their melodies are excellent, catchy and elegant, with a fine technical insight, so their talent is still being latent, so the future is promising

"Eternal War" has only a sin: the sound quality. It's too raw for such kind of Metal genre. Obviously it's not the worst sound quality in the world, but they deserved more, their music is so rich in musical arrangements that needed something clearer and heavier, a "full sound". And what a great artwork for the cover!
"Sands of Time" (a heavy and strong opening song, with charming melodies on the guitar solos and riffs), "Eternal War" (a heavier song with excellent tempos that evades stratospheric speed, focusing on the weight, so bass guitar and drums are great here), "Wings of the Wind" (another fast song with charming guitars and good chorus, but these high pitched screams are unnecessary), "The Golden Eagle" (this one bears some great rhythmic changes, from the usual high speed to some slow conductions, bearing another fine chorus), "Persida and the Red Dragon" (good melodies and conductions once more), and the instrumental song "The Hidden Book" are the best moments of the album. But the bonus track "Twilight of the Gods", a version for old HELLOWEEN song is very good as well (and where the vocals show how they are good on lower voice tunes).

Adjusting the sound quality next time, maturing just a bit more musically, and evading high pitched screams (the extreme high tunes are unnecessary), and they'll be on the right path. But "Eternal War" is a very good album.

8 / 10









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"Eternal War" Track-listing:

1. Calling the Heroes
2. Sands of Time
3. Eternal War
4. Wings of the Wind
5. The Mystery of the Seven Princes
6. The Golden Eagle
7. The Circle of Fire
8. Persida and the Red Dragon
9. The King of Glory
10. The Hidden Book
11. Twilight of the Gods

Energema Lineup:

Alejandro Pinzón - Vocals
Andrés Parada - Guitars
Nicolas Waldo - Guitars
Daniel Pinzón - Bass
Mauricio Landinez - Drums

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