In the name of German Black Metal, this quartet's music will crush the ground with a massive musical bombing!
November 20, 2023

There are albums of bands that you never heard before that able to catch you on the first song at the first listen. It’s nothing unexpected, even when dealing with extreme Metal genres, especially on Black Metal, even when the musicians can’t understand a melodic appeal that their music bears (the sad and darkened ambiences on the genre are filled with melodies). To prove such an aspect, the German quartet ENDSTILLE is a fine example, as can be heard on “DetoNation”. Their musical work is fruit of a long experience (this is their ninth album), so their efforts are based on a traditional form of Black Metal, based on the early days of the Second Wave of Black Metal (namely, the first half of the 90s, when acts as MAYHEM, BURZUM, DARKTHRONE, ROTTING CHRIST, MARDUK and others where starting their efforts to take the scene by assault).

With their long experience allowing them to expand limits (pay attention to the Gregorian-like vocals on “Jericho Howls”), but without leaving their classic appeal on the genre (the tremolo-picking technique on the guitars is used in many parts), and it’s truly filled with personality and a darkened appeal. The production was worked in a way to keep the organic and aggressive appeal of the past (what means that they seem to just set things on the studio as they’re pleased and played, without endless digital editions), but in a way that allows the fans to understand what’s being played. It’s not a sin to say that such sonority is similar to the models MARDUK used on their latest albums: dirty and sinister, but defined.

Musically, for a Black Metal fan, is hard to point to one or another song as the highlights of the album, because “DetoNation” sounds strong and vigorous on all the moments. But for a first visit to the band’s particular Hell, burn on the flames of “New World Lethargy” (a massive song with contrasts between piledriving fast tempos of bass guitar and drums with some more melancholic and funeral ambiences), “Jericho Howls” (some excellent tremolo-picking parts of the guitars reinforces the Old School Black Metal feeling), “Tochnit Aleph” (pay attention to the classic Black Metal melodies flowing from the guitars, creating the right ambiences for the snarls and shrieks of the vocals), “Destined to Silence” (another massive moments of bass guitar and drums on the rhythms and blast beats, but be prepared for the hooks), “Vigilante Justice” (the brings to the fans another set of features based on the funereal and darkened side of Black Metal, with that melancholic appeal of the guitars, without exaggerations on the speed), “Pro Patria Mori” (this is an explosion of fast tempos, but with a solid approach for the screams and snarls of the vocals)… Oh, well, the best is to listen to “Victorious”, “DetoNation” and “Endstille (Weltkrieg)” as well, for there aren’t ‘holes of quality’ on the album, it’s solid as a wall of granite!

As final words, it’s really good to have an experienced band as ENDSTILLE in activity, to keep the old ways alive, and to bring a massive release as “DetoNation” to the fans.

10 / 10









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"DetoNation" Track-listing:
  1. New World Lethargy
  2. Jericho Howls
  3. Tochnit Aleph
  4. Destined to Silence
  5. Vigilante Justice
  6. Pro Patria Mori
  7. Victorious
  8. DetoNation
  9. Endstille (Weltkrieg)
Endstille Lineup:

Zingultus - Vocals
Lars Wachtfels - Guitars
Cruor - Bass
Mayhemic Destructor - Drums

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