Empire Of Rats

Empire Of Rats

This a sample of a beat down, powerful and ripping Hardcore / Crossover coming from […]
October 14, 2013
Empire Of Rats - Empire Of Rats album cover

This a sample of a beat down, powerful and ripping Hardcore / Crossover coming from Columbus, in Ohio (USA), an explosion of brutal aggression, and if you don't care by yourself, you'll be put out of misery by EMPIRE OF RATS, for these guys with their "Empire Of Rats" will have no mercy of anyone who stays in front of them.

In the very same vein of CRO-MAGS, D.R.I. and some touches that brings to mind the work of Brazilian THE WORST and the North-American veterans of BLACK FLAG, Harsh and screamed voices, guitar riffs dense and ripping (and some fine solos as well), bass and drums gathered united and heavy, and their music sound as a unity, and some good choirs here and there, show that they're here to get fucked up and Thrash around with your guts into the moshpit.

Their music flows free, heavy and too aggressive from the speakers thank to a good sound production that is clean enough for us to hear all the musical instruments, but having that needed dirty as good bands of the style must have.

The artwork is too simple, but this is the very spirit, the core of what their style is about, with nothing too planned or inked with excessive care, to take out the attentions from their musical work.

As said before, their music is too aggressive, so, take care when handling this album, which has its greater moments in "Another Minute in Hell" (see the good tempos variations, the bass guitar stealing the scene, as the vocals showing a fine work), the fast and heavy-weighted "Bottomless Pit" (the posers nightmare made music, this is Hardcore, no kidding in musical playground, with slow and dense moments), the harsh and intense puke-in-your-face called "Society's Zero", the almost Thrash Metal "Rats Reign" (these guitarist had come from Hell, no doubt, for their riffs are astonishing!), and the short ones "Sinking" and "We're Dead",

It almost a perfect CD, and perfect to make your neighbors angry with you for all eternity, or even more!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Empire Of Rats" Track-listing:

1. Leeches
2. Another Minute in Hell
3. Bottomless Pit
4. Untitled
5. Society's Zero
6. Rats Reign
7. Sinking
8. Little From The World (Cold As Life)
9. We're Dead
10. Exposed
11. Early Mourning

Empire Of Rats Lineup:

Dustin - Vocals
Zac - Guitars
Chris - Guitars
Kurt - Bass
Lee - Drums

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