Love Will Fix It

Emil Bulls

With such modern mix of influences, this German band really unleashed and excellent release!
April 10, 2024

When modern tendencies of Metal started to show their value at the end of the 90s, many bands looked to change older ways, infusing in them modern elements in the mix. The influence of acts as SYSTEM OF A DAWN, LINKIN’ PARK, SLIPKNOT, TRIVIUM, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and others on Metal as a whole genre can’t be denied, and it gave birth to a new whole label: Alternative Metal (even with the label of Alternative Rock being used to define the musical wave that took the world by assault in the rise of the 90s). And as a heir of such load, here is the German quintet EMIL BULLS with their new album, “Love Will Fix It”.

The production of the album was done to conceive something that could sound modern and greasy (pay attention of what is heard on “Happy Birthday You are Dead to Me” to have a deeper idea of what such words mean), focused on modern and aggressive instrumental tunes. But on the other side, things are defined and clean (one can understand each musical instrument without problems), and boost the understanding of what’s being played. Yes, it’s an excellent result. As an experienced name on the scene (they’re in activity since 1995), their musical work has a consolidated form: a mix between influences of Modern Rock and Metal ways with Hard Rock, Post-Hardcore and Alternative Metal. Let’s try to translate such words: it’s a modern and impacting form of music, but heavy and melodic as well in a way that’s hard to resist. What they offer is built upon fine musical arrangements, catching and melodic choruses, tons of pure energy and a form of music that’s tasteful and mature. And it has an intense positive feeling can be felt as well.

The band choses to express positive feelings on its lyrics in a moment that the world needs love and hope, a true manifesto for healing of the world. And the songs are really what one needs to overcome all the trials, having highlights on “Backstabbers” (excellent modern Groove based on a hypnotic rhythmic created by bass guitar and drums, and what lovely chorus), “The Devil Made Me Do It” (another intense and aggressive song with guitar riffs changing from aggressive expressions to melodic ones in the chorus), “Happy Birthday You are Dead to Me” (a more accessible moment in the Alternative/Modern Metal Hard Rock sense, full of emotional expressions of the vocals), “Levitate” (another accessible song, with fine melodic appeal and intense emotions flowing from its instrumental cuirass), “Whirlwind of Doom” (a massive blow of energy with a modern embodiment that contrasts with a tender chorus), “The Ghosts That You Have Called” (what lovely modern melodies are weaved by the guitars here, and what lovely contrasts on the vocals’ tunes), “Love Will Fix It” (another moment full of emotions and accessibility, and it can be said as an invitation for embracing love, hope and peace), and… Oh cut it off and listen to “Sick”, “She Ain’t Coming Home No More”, “Dream and Debris”, “Oceans of Grief”, and “Together”, because the album is homogeneous, works as an unity, and it’s not hard to hear and love.

This manifesto called “Love Will Fix It” is truly a banner of hope in a moment that we (the people) are tired wars, discussions and formulas for an economy that never looks for the ones in need and every reason for humanity is going in the wrong direction. And thank you, EMIL BULLS, for daring to remind us all that we can make the world better for everyone.

10 / 10









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"Love Will Fix It" Track-listing:
  1. Backstabbers
  2. The Devil Made Me Do It
  3. Happy Birthday You are Dead to Me
  4. Levitate
  5. Whirlwind of Doom
  6. The Ghosts That You Have Called
  7. Love Will Fix It
  8. Sick
  9. She Ain’t Coming Home No More
  10. Dream and Debris
  11. Oceans of Grief
  12. Together
Emil Bulls Lineup:

Christoph von Freydorf - Vocals
Stephan Karl - Guitars
Andreas Bock - Guitars
James Richardson - Bass
Fabian Füss - Drums

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