Feels Like Home

Edge of the Blade

Those Metal fans that are 50 years old or more will remember clearly that a […]
December 23, 2020
Edge of the Blade - Feels Like Home album cover

Those Metal fans that are 50 years old or more will remember clearly that a mix between the nasty outfit of Hard Rock with the AOR hooking melodies created a model of music that is labeled as Glam Metal or Hair Metal that dominated the 80's in the USA. Those days were truly amazing, but after the coming of the 'defeatist' feeling of Grunge Rock in the 90's, the happy days were over for a long time. But the genre came back in the past two decades, and great works are being released by now. One of them is from EDGE OF THE BLADE, as can be heard on "Feels Like Home", their latest release.

The band's music is in a trend similar to the melodic (and accessible) strands of Glam Metal/Hard Rock from the 80's. It's accessible and charming, with fine musical arrangements and choruses, and the aggressiveness is into a low level (because the guitars aren't important to their music as the keyboards to create melodies). Their work could be compared to names as JOURNEY, DEF LEPPARD (during "Hysteria" days), BON JOVI and others in such way, but the duet musical expressional is very personal. And it's lovely the way that their music sounds to our ears, minds and hearts.

The album was mixed a mastered by the hands of Iraklis Deligiorgis, and his work gave the band a clean and defined sound, in a way that the band can express its ideas in a way that every fan can understand and assimilate. But it contains a touch of musical weight as well. And the band got some help for the songs, using the talent of Catherine Francis on the backing vocals on "Santa Carla", and the guitar solos played by Danny Beardsley.

The entire album is excellent in terms of songs, but for a first time on the album (and maybe on their music), the massive melodic load created by keyboards parts and guitars arrangements shown on "Santa Carla" (that would be a hit on the radios if we were living on the 80's), the classic mix of a catchy melodic ambience with some aggressiveness heard on "State of Love" (excellent melodic vocals, indeed, improved due the great chorus of the song), the abrasive and evident weight of "Falling for You", the contrasts between introspective parts and Rock moments shown on "Never Be a Next Time" (that can remind some moments of TOTO), the elegant and catchy set of melodies of "Never Needed Love" and of "End Well" are the ones for showing what they're up to.

Obviously that EDGE OF THE BLADE still has potential to create something even better than is shown on "Feels Like Home". But they're near of being on the same level of the modern great names of the genre as H.E.A.T., KISSIN' DYNAMITE, CRASHDÏET, and others.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Feels Like Home" Track-listing:

1. Santa Carla
2. State of Love
3. Lonely Life
4. Falling for You
5. Never Be a Next Time
6. Don't Leave Me Now
7. The Last Time
8. Never Needed Love
9. Feels Like Home
10. End Well

Edge of the Blade Lineup:

John Francis - Vocals
Alan Kelly - All Instruments

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