The Hero Inside


There are times when Heavy Metal as a whole style gets some difficulties. It's a […]
February 1, 2015
Dreadnox - The Hero Inside album cover

There are times when Heavy Metal as a whole style gets some difficulties. It's a sign of new times coming, so as a musical style, some changes must be done, and new elements must come out from nowhere to take Metal to a new level. It's a matter of self preservation, an application of Darwin's theories. So when you see a Metal band, especially of traditional trench, trying something different, it's a very good sign. And here in Brazil, many bands are trying to make something different, something new, and the quartet DREADNOX, from Rio de Janeiro, hit the bull's-eye with their 3rd album, called "The Hero Inside".

The band uses a very good strategy on music: it's the traditional Heavy Metal that we all love, but with a more modern vibe, full of aggressive elements from Thrash Metal and more modern styles. Some can really say that this formula was used before, and I agree, but not the way they do. It's aggressive and abrasive, but melodic and catching at the same time. The formula of very good vocals with normal tunes, astonishing guitar riffs with melodic solos, and a solid and heavy rhythmic kitchen is really something very good, balancing melody, aggressiveness, technique and weight in the same proportions. It's perfect the way it is.

The sound quality is perfect, modern, clear and heavy. But when you see the names of Renato Tribuzy on production and Roy Z. on mixing, and having the mastering done by Maor Appelbaum, it turns out clear the reasons for "The Hero Inside" should sound like a thunder in our ears. And the art is another very fine piece done by Gustavo Sazes.

I truly recommend you to hear the entire album, for it is perfect, but you can hear at first "Final Siege" (perfect vocals and great guitars), "Abuse of Power" (a strong contrast between melodic vocals and dry and aggressive instrumental lines), "The Hero Inside" (great chorus, with a fine work of bass guitar and drums), the accessible "Dreamcatcher" (song for the first official video of the album, more melodic), and "Judgement Day".

Hear it loud!!!!

10 / 10


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"The Hero Inside" Track-listing:

1. Final Siege
2. Abuse of Power
3. Who Can Be Sure of Anything
4. The Hero Inside
5. Manic Depressive
6. Nomophobia
7. Dreamcatcher
8. DX
9. The Profane
10. My Judgment Day

Dreadnox Lineup:

Fábio Schneider - Vocals
Kiko Dittert - Guitars
Dead Montana - Bass
Felipe Curi - Drums

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