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DRAGONFLY pioneer a world where slick and elaborate passages gloriously grace your ears, where pretty, […]
December 28, 2022
Dragonfly - Domine XV album cover

DRAGONFLY pioneer a world where slick and elaborate passages gloriously grace your ears, where pretty, atmospheric orchestral segments lace delicate melodies, robust and strapping power riffs pave the way and inhumanly powerful vocals ignite your soul. It's been fifteen years since the veterans of the realms of Heavy Metal and epic Power Metal set forth their debut, "Domine", so what better way to honour the band's dazzling introduction - and fifteenth anniversary no less - than to revamp and revive the thirteen-track pure, unadulterated power worship in "Domine XV"?!

Presented as a split with the original version of "Domine" to start, DRAGONFLY's vivacious release also includes new levels of grandiosity and bombast with the glorious makeover of the original album. The dramatic instrumental "Domine" illuminates and paves the way for a truly magnificent journey through the Power realms, with the brightly atmospheric, symphonic segments of "Sólo Depende de Ti" erupting into one frenzied and soaring slice of beauty, and the boisterous and impassioned tempo of "Entre el Odio y la Pasión" stomping with surges of impassioned drum fills and dazzling vocal contrasts.

Grace and elegance, combined with a natural flair for fiery musicianship, come effortlessly to DRAGONFLY, so you can expect incendiary bursts of energy intertwined with delicate soundscapes throughout "Domine XV". Take the pretty vibrancy "Delirio Eterno" packed with gorgeous, elongated guitar passages, stunning solos and truly magnificent vocals, of which the classic elements of the bellowing, well-trained pipes of Pablo Solano come into full force in "El Nuevo Judas" and "Estrella"; sincerely, if you appreciate high-quality, virtuosic vocals, "Domine XV" is well worth your time for this aspect alone.

DRAGONFLY harnesses its ability to incorporate so many powerful nuances in "Domine XV", with "Aries" bridging the record as a sumptuous orchestral instrumental. The gentler interactions merged with heartsore vivacity of the likes of the ballad "Regresa a Mi" - with a dram of saccharine and mellifluous melancholy - show that a less complicated output can be just as effective as the bombast of more traditional Power tracks such as "En los Confines del Infierno", with its unconventional time signatures and all-out majesty. The elaborate structure of "Guárdame en Ti" will mesmerise you with its slick solos and superior musicianship, whilst the more traditional Heavy Metal feeling instrumental "Paganini Suite" showcases powerful guitar virtuosity that drenches you in its beauty, head to toe. Bookending "Domine XV", DRAGONFLY once more opt to immerse you in a world of Power chords, with "Sin Salida" and "Dragonfly" delivering epic choral arrangements, intricate keys and complex guitar segments, completing the fitting tone of

With the addition of remastered tracks to this epicus of bombast, complete with the supplementary of an array of high-calibre vocalists, "Domine XV" transpires as an all-out display of unapologetic ostentation. With sharper, crisp production, more guest vocals and flamboyant extra details, this is an impeccable release that will appeal to fans of the original format, as well as worshippers of epic Heavy Metal looking for something with plenty of daring flavours and gargantuan Power adoration.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Domine XV" Track-listing:

1. Domine
2. Sólo Depende de Ti
3. Entre el Odio y la Pasión
4. Delirio Eterno
5. El Nuevo Judas
6. Estrella
7. Aries
8. Regresa a Mi
9. En los Confines del Infierno
10. Guárdame en Ti
11. Paganini Suite
12. Sin Salida
13. Dragonfly
1. Domine - Vol. 2
2. Sólo Depende de Ti - Vol. 2
3. Entre el Odio y la Pasión - Vol. 2
4. Delirio Eterno - Vol. 2
5. El Nuevo Judas - Vol. 2
6. Estrella - Vol. 2
7. Aries - Vol. 2
8. Regresa a Mi - Vol. 2
9. En los Confines del Infierno - Vol. 2
10. Guárdame en Ti - Vol. 2
11. Paganini Suite - Vol. 2
12. Sin Salida - Vol. 2
13. Dragonfly - Vol. 2

Dragonfly Lineup:

Pablo Solano - Vocals
Isauro Aljaro - Keyboards
Victor Gonzalez - Guitars
Juanba Nadal - Bass, Vocals (additional)
Jorge Alcazar - Drums

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