Doom Rules Eternally

Distorted Reflection

A very good debut from this Greek Doom Metal trio.
April 3, 2024

The main conceptions given by genre’s labels can’t depict a band’s musical work, because two or three words aren’t enough something to express the musical range of bands’ music. As an example, can someone say that BLACK SABBATH is merely a Doom Metal band or a Heavy Metal act? So the conception of Stoner Metal given by “Master of Reality” (the main root of the genre) must be thrown out in the garbage can? It’s a simple example of how being attached to labels isn’t a good thing. And you can exercise your conceptions when hearing to “Doom Rules Eternally”, the first release of the Greek Metal act DISTORTED REFLECTION.

The bassist Vangelis is the responsible one for the recording, mixing and mastering of the songs (having Dion Christodoulatos on the recording of the drums at his side), creating a defined and clean sonority. Of course that’s heavy, with such feature coming from the choice of the instrumental tunes. It could be better, but’s not bad. And Tomas Arfert is the one who created the band’s logo and the artwork of the cover, and it’s really good. As guests, they had Nicholas Leptos (former singer of the legendary band WARLORD) on the vocals on “Mr. Snake”, Ross the Boss (yes, the former MANOWAR guitarist) on the guitar solo of “Cassandra”, and Giannis Drolapas on the guitar solo on “The Eternal Gate”.

To say that they work on a trench into Doom Metal does not help anything. They’re a Doom Metal act in a vein similar to CANDLEMASS, indeed, but with enrichments from Heavy Metal and Power Metal (come refined arrangements and the presence of the keyboards temper the usual bitter ways of Doom Metal). So it’s not a sin to say that they developed a personal way into the genre for themselves, and it is really very good. Of course they can do even better than is shown, but have patience: it’s just their first release after all.

As the right pieces for a first time on the band’s music, it’s needed to taste “Mr. Snake” (a fine mix between Doom Metal and Heavy Metal influences, with very good guitar riffs and solos), “Ring of Fire” (here the ‘sabbathic’ side of Doom Metal becomes bitter, but with very good melodic parts, and a thunderous work on bass guitar and drums), “Colours” (here the melodies shows traces coming from early North American Power Metal, but pay attention to the instrumental refinements), “Dark Mermaid” (what lovely and catchy tempos), “Cassandra” (a more introspective song on its beginning, but soon it gains energy and once more their Doom Metal way show melodic touches from North American Heavy Metal School, especially in the guitars), and “Ghosts of Mind”. But all the songs are truly good.

Of course, the band needs a better production for their songs on the next time, but for now, “Doom Rules Eternally” deserves applause. And be welcome, DISTORTED REFLECTION!

8 / 10









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"Doom Rules Eternally" Track-listing:
  1. Mr. Snake
  2. Ring of Fire
  3. Colours
  4. Dark Mermaid
  5. Twilight Zone
  6. Cassandra
  7. Victim of Fate
  8. Ghosts of Mind
  9. The Eternal Gate
Distorted Reflection Lineup:

Kostas Salomidis - Guitars, Vocals
Vangelis - Bass, Synthesizers, Backing Vocals
Stelios Pavlou - Drums

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