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Well, since some call bands from the school that HELLOWEEN created when the band released […]
June 3, 2016
Distant Past - Rise of the Fallen album cover

Well, since some call bands from the school that HELLOWEEN created when the band released the two parts of "Keeper of the Seven Keys", as Power Metal, we can see a broader range of bands with roots on those both albums. Yes, since 1988, a greater number of bands following this formula with hooking songs, very good melodies, and great thin vocals, expanding the limits of the style. But there are some bands doing it in a simpler and good way, as the Swiss quintet DISTANT PAST, as their fifth studio album, "Rise of the Fallen" is here to prove.

To be honest, the band is nearer from traditional Heavy Metal in the German way than to Melodic Power Metal, but some scent of the style is here, present and bold, and extremely heavy and aggressive in some moments. There are very good vocals (working with aggressive tunes in mid tunes than on high pitched ones), a fine work from the guitars, and a heavy weight rhythmic kitchen with a good technique. Their music can't be really new, but is truly good and full of personality.

The sound quality is a bit rawer than the needed, turning some of their tunes aggressive than is really necessary, but it's not bad. It's truly good, heavy and clear in the due ways, but not in the level that DISTANT PAST music deserves.

And "Rise of the Fallen" has fine songs, all of them with a good level of creativeness and weight, and bring some special guests: Thomas Winkler on some vocals on "Master of Duality", "End of the World", " Ark of the Saviour", "Scriptural Truth", "Redemption", "The Road of Golgotha", "The Ascension" and "By the Light of the Morning Star"; David Luterbacher on the guitar solos on "End of the World", "Heroes Die" and "The Ascension"; and Geri Baeriswyl on drums on "Heroes Die".

"Die as One" with its fast and melodic embodiment, adorned with an excellent guitar work; the tender and catching heavy work on the mid tempo "Ark of the Saviour" and on the technical "Ark of the Saviour" (where some BLIND GUARDIAN influences appears clearly on the singing of Jvo), the aggressive and modern musical atmosphere that is presented on "Redemption", the very good work on musical arrangements that "Heroes Die" presents (with some vocal tunes that are higher than before), and the introspective weight on the tempos shown on "By the Light of the Morning Star" can be said their best moments, but I believe that each of their songs are good.

Hope that they can become a bit greater because they have a lot of potential to explore.<

8 / 10









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"Rise of the Fallen" Track-listing:

1. Masters of Duality
2. Die as One
3. End of the World
4. Ark of the Saviour
5. Scriptural Truth
6. Redemption
7. The Road to Golgotha
8. Heroes Die
9. The Ascension
10. By the Light of the Morning Star

Distant Past Lineup:

Jvo Julmy - Vocals
Christof Schafer - Guitars
Alain Curty - Guitars
Adriano Troiano - Bass
Al Spicher - Drums

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