Teutonic Beat


In a world full of inequalities, with some starving to death and others eating caviar […]
March 11, 2022
Dishell - Teutonic Beat album cover

In a world full of inequalities, with some starving to death and others eating caviar and shrimp, with priests throwing the blame of wars on the minorities' shoulders instead of asking for peace and condemning the warmongers (can someone forget the Russian Orthodox patriarch Kyrill I speech against LGBTQ+ people instead of asking Putin to cease this war? Maybe it's due his name, for it belongs as well to a Christian Bishop that caused the slaughter and death of Hypatia of Alexandria back in 415. Are you happy? Excommunicate me, then FUCK YOURSELF OFF), it's time for hearing some Hardcore to awake from conservative slumber. And the Polish Infernal D-Beat assassins of DISHELL come storming with "Teutonic Beat", their latest release.

As said above, D-Beat is a subgenre of Hardcore/Punk Rock full of a massive aggressiveness. But these guys take their music to extremes adding influences from Metal and catchy Rock 'n' Roll elements. It's nasty and furious, but filled with many musical hooks, and their music has no mercy of the ears of non-used listeners, and they play proud and mighty. Be prepared for a massive blow in the ears and brains, based on a ferocious energy. The band uses a very good sound quality. Instead of something harsh and poor, they took advantage from modern recording technologies to create a massive and brutal sound, rough in the due way (due the simple instrumental tunes), but defined in a way that even your grandmother can understand (and start to pogo into your living room). It's a very good work of Michal Pijocha (who recorded, mixed and mastered the album).

All the songs are short in timespans (it's common to say that's the kind of album the fans can here and run away before the police arrives, an old saying that was popularized by THE RAMONES) and excellent, but for a first time on the band's work, "Prosto w Noc" (a massive and blunt set of arrangements flow from the guitars, hooking the listeners), "Kres" (an abrasive and weight song filled with charming Hardcore-like guitar riffs and nasty screams), "Niewiedza" (that inherits some elements from Old School Thrash Death Metal), "Szczujnia" (a short blown in the ears, filled with Thrash/Grindcore arrangements), "Rynsztok Galaktyk" (this one shows some simple and solid tempo changes, with solid parts from bass guitar and drums), "Zmory" (some 'motörheadian' elements are presented, especially on the guitar solo), "Zagłady Rytm" (impossible to resist to its Hardcore filthy hooks, and very good screamed tunes on the vocals are laid perfectly on the instrumental sheath), "Lament" (this one inherits the filthy elements from Rock 'n' Roll into the natural aggressiveness of the band's music, and what lovely riffs), and "ACAB" (it's another song with some crude influences from early Grindcore tempering the harmonies). All the songs are great, and don't try to leave one of them out.

"Teutonic Beat" is really a lovely album, and in sad times as these that the world is living, DISHELL is the right choice for keeping the energy high!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Teutonic Beat" Track-listing:

1. Prosto w Noc
2. Kres
3. Niewiedza
4. Szczujnia
5. Rynsztok Galaktyk
6. Zmory
7. Zagłady Rytm
8. Lament

Dishell Lineup:

Kamil - Guitars, Vocals
Łukasz - Bass
Maciek - Guitars
Janek - Drums

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