Sonata Di Morte

Die With Fear

There is much hate in the Metal scene against modern tendencies and those that aren't […]
May 12, 2022
Die With Fear - Sonata Di Morte album cover

There is much hate in the Metal scene against modern tendencies and those that aren't modern as some purist people preach. Some people defend that Metal is 'purest' in the 70's and 80's, and that's not the case, because Metal was born from many mixed influences, and during the 80's, Hardcore and Punk Rock influences came into for the creation of Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Black Metal and others, even on NWOBHM, so their hypothesis doesn't fit in reality. The best thing to do: to not be attached to a form of thinking, and enjoy the music you like. Free of conceptions is easier to understand and like acts as DIE WITH FEAR, as can be heard on "Sonata Di Morte".

Their music can be described as a form of Melodic Death Metal in the vein of Gothenburg bands with some influences of Groove Metal and of modern tendencies as well. In words, one can think of many bands that already worked in such trench, but the music of the band is really something personal, full of pyroclastic melodies and an amazing modern energy, full of life and aggressiveness. But pay attention that there are many hooks that are hard to resist when heard. The producer of the album is Yngvar Mehus, having the band working with him. Yngvar mixed and mastered the songs as well, and their work is shown on a modern and greasy sonority that shows weight and aggressiveness as well. But it's easy to understand what is being expressed on the songs due the care of using modern, but defined, instrumental tunes.

The songs are fine examples of how an old model can gain new life when one isn't caring for others' opinions. And be prepared, because "To the Wolves" (many shrapnel guitar riffs and great melodic solos can be heard into such aggressive song), "(I) Favor the Brave" (many aggressive hooks can be heard, and what great contrasts on the tunes of the vocals), "Sonata Di Morte" (this is an extremely brutal song, based on many blast beats that shows how bass guitar and drums are working as an unity), "The War Against You" (these tempos that aren't extremely fast are always a great feature, and in the hands of these guys, things are really great), and "My Darkened Heart" (what lovely melodies once more, contrasting with the oppressive parts and rhythms) are showing a band that's here to stay, for the disgust of many puritans, and happiness of those that prefer that the past must be in the past...

DIE WITH FEAR is really an impressive band, and the work shown on "Sonata Di Morte" deserves to be heard and praised.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Sonata Di Morte" Track-listing:

1. To the Wolves
2. (I) Favor the Brave
3. Sonata Di Morte
4. Endless Waves
5. The War Against You
6. Before You Confess
7. What I Have Become
8. My Darkened Heart

Die With Fear Lineup:

Wille Bergbacka - Vocals (session)
Stein-Odin Johannessen - Guitars
Linus Hernvall - Bass
Robin Lagerborg - Guitars (session)
Siros Vaziri - Drums (session)

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