Incinerate All


Once upon a time, there was Thrash Metal and Death Metal, two styles that were […]
March 23, 2016
Dethrone - Incinerate All album cover

Once upon a time, there was Thrash Metal and Death Metal, two styles that were clearly different. But in some moment in Metal history, they converged and some bands started to play Death Metal in a technical and grasping way like those ones from Thrash Metal. On the other hand, some Thrash Metal bands discovered that the oppressive brutality of Death Metal could be of some use for them. So the mix that we usually call Thrash/Death Metal arose, and the first inspiration was "Reign in Blood", the brutal SLAYER's third album. But the style evolved more and more, and there are bands that really create some good albums, as the Swedish quintet DETHRONE, that releases their third assault called "Incinerate All".

Here, you can feel the brutality of the Swedish Death Metal school, along very good amounts of energy and technique from Thrash Metal (to be honest, in some moments of the album, we feel the power of the German school present on their songs). And even some good melodies arise in the middle of their brutal and technical songs, turning the album even more tasteful. Their work could remind something that AT THE GATES or the dirtiest era from EDGE OF SANITY, but it's just an impression that born due to the sonority from Swedish school.

Obviously, the production had a hard work. But we can say that Dennis Åhman (who recorded, mixed and mastered the album) did a fine job, because he made everything sound heavy as Hell and kept a good level of clarity. And the work from Joakim Westlund on the cover, is really very good.

We can say that "Incinerate All" is really very good, and every song of it is really very good. But as their best moments, you can take the energetic and thunderous "Reborn in Fire" with its excellent vocals (with changes between the guttural and harsh voices) and great riffs and solos; the brutal assault of insane guitars and thunderous rhythmic session presented on "The Plague Carrier"; the Thrashing fury from "Morbid Existence" (where the harsh and raw side of Thrash Metal appears in a clear way, with bass and guitars showing their heavy weight); the raw and thunderous energy presented by the technical "Where Darkness Dwells"; the violent tempos that "Failure" (with excellent drumming) and "Dawn of Demise" (with perfect interventions from bass guitar and vocals, along with some nasty melodies), and the perfect finishing song "The Inevitable End" (again fine melodies arise from the guitars, and once more, very good vocals).

They are truly talented, and hope they can grow as their music deserve.<

8 / 10









"Incinerate All" Track-listing:

1. Reborn in Fire
2. The Plague Carrier
3. Rat King
4. Morbid Existence
5. Spiritual Deception
6. Where Darkness Dwells
7. I Am God
8. Failure
9. Dawn of Demise
10. The Inevitable End

Dethrone Lineup:

Mattias Vestlund - Vocals
Jonas Carlsson - Guitars
David Hartikainen - Guitars
Kenni Öjebrandt - Bass
Simon Lundh - Drums

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