Violence is the Answer!


This newbreed into Danish Thrash Metal scene can carry the torch of the genre, as this album shows.
November 20, 2023

To play some old Metal genres today is a trend, but all the bands that do such a thing must be advised by labels, press, producer and anyone else: you all need to breath a new life on what you’re doing, because Pimp Metal bands (those that lives off of what was already done by others) isn’t allowed. On Thrash Metal, the number of clones of acts as EXODUS, METALLICA (I already dealt with a band that tried to do a “Master of Puppets” part II once back in 2012), SODOM, DESTRUCTION, SLAYER and others. But some new names shows potential, as the Danish trio DESTABILIZER, as can be heard on “Violence is the Answer!”, their first release. To a band from the same country that revealed a band as ARTILLERY, it’s a heavy responsibility to play in the same genre.

It’s not a sin to say that they use the same formula, but without being the same thing: this trio prefers to use a faster and violent approach similar to German Thrash Metal acts as DESTRUCTION and TANKARD (pay attention to the screams similar to Schmier in some moments), with a very good technical level (especially in the rhythmic shifts, and pay attention to the bass guitar arrangements, especially during “Violence is the Answer!”), some Crossover touches, lots of energy flowing, a fine combination between aggressiveness and melodies, and with everything bounded tightly. It’s obvious that the trio tends to become better as their musical work matures in a near future, but’s very good by now. The production worked in a way that could give the band a more handmade sonority (what means that they were looking for something to have a live feeling), without the endless digital editions that are usual today. Things worked on a very good way, but the band’s music deserves something better, indeed. It’s very good, but their music needs a high level production.

All the songs are samples of mass destruction in form of music, especially in moments as “Violence is the Answer!” (filled with many tempo shifts and a Thrash Metal ‘killminsterian’/’schminian’ way of singing from the vocals), “Iconoclast” (another blow of pure energy in the ears, with excellent guitar riffs and a ‘motorheadian’ touch during the solos), “The Road to Hell” (where the speed decreases, but the weight becomes abrasive and hooking, with a brutal work on bass guitar and drums), “Matchday” (where the band uses a more Speed Metal appeal, so the melodies are evident), “Ex Inferis” (a slashing and furious song with massive weighty parts), and “Panic”. These are enough to make your ears bleed for hours!

These guys are ready to take over the Danish Thrash Metal scene, so listen to “Violence is the Answer!”, and enjoy what DESTABILIZER offers to you.

8 / 10









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"Violence is the Answer!" Track-listing:
  1. Violence is the Answer!
  2. Iconoclast
  3. The Road to Hell
  4. Progress
  5. Matchday
  6. Invocation
  7. King Paimon
  8. Ex Inferis
  9. Panic
  10. Terrorist
Destabilizer Lineup:

Thomas Haxen - Bass, Vocals
Niels Sonne - Guitars
Kenneth Terkelsen - Drums, Vocals

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